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JPL is sending a giant ear into space to listen to the insides of Mars

For the first time, scientists are trying to get a snapshot of the Red Planet's interior, and they're doing it with the first landing probe to Mars in six years.

California's coastal marshes could be washed out to sea by 2110

We could lose one of California's most defining, and important, ecological features by the end of the century, due to climate change.

​Court rules Los Angeles sheriff violated immigrants' rights

Immigrant advocates say the ruling affects thousands of people who were held under immigration detainers issued by the federal government.

La Niña is on its way out. What does that mean for California?

The La Niña climate pattern is associated with drier weather in Southern California, but that doesn't mean that things are going to get wetter if it goes away.

LA billionaire in talks to buy Los Angeles Times

Patrick Soon-Shiong — an L.A.-based billionaire, physician and major Tronc shareholder — is in advanced talks to purchase the L.A. Times, according to NPR's David Folkenflik.

This winter is so hot and dry that 'severe drought' has returned to SoCal

You might've thought that last year's rain dump saved us from drought conditions, but Southern California never fully recovered.

Nearly $2 billion in losses claimed following SoCal's December wildfires

More than 13,000 claims were made following one of the most destructive wildfire seasons on record.

Heads up! Don't miss the Super Blue Blood Moon

Before dawn on Wednesday, the moon's going to be extra large, quite red and not at one bit blue. Here's what that means.

How an earthquake in Alaska made a wave of water in Death Valley

Fifteen minutes after a 7.9 earthquake struck the Gulf of Alaska, Devil's Hole in Death Valley saw one foot waves thrash its surface.

Snow is melting faster in the Rockies because of how dusty it is

Dust has a far worse impact than rising air temperatures on the snowmelt rate — a problem that could eventually undercut water supplies in Southern California.

A universal flu vaccine? Researchers are giving it a shot

Imagine if you could get a series of shots that would keep you from ever getting the flu. It turns out that scenario might not be far from reality.

Did the Thomas fire contaminate the ocean? Ask the algae

As communities continue to reel from the Thomas fire and devastating mudslides, scientists are trying to understand the impact that both are having on coastal ecosystems.

What's that flying over Los Angeles? A SpaceX rocket

Social media lit up with posts about a mysterious object flying through the skies above L.A. Was it a UFO? A chemtrail? Superman?

SoCal gets reprieve from Santa Ana winds

But we're expected to stay dry with above average temperatures through the new year.

'Year of extremes': SoCal rides climate coaster in 2017

Deluge early on gives way to record-hot summer and searing, bone-dry fall that left SoCal a tinder box — set aflame by a record-stretch of high winds.