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This fly dives into Mono Lake, but doesn't get wet

Now scientists have figured out how the fly stays dry even though it can stay submerged for 15 minutes. Yet another otherworldly aspect of Mono Lake.

As climate shifts, California birds are nesting earlier

As global temperatures continue to climb, animals have to adapt. For 202 different species of California birds, that means nesting earlier in the year.

How the 101 is changing the way our local animals evolve

Separated by the 101 freeway, different groups of the same species are adapting to microclimates, kicking off the evolutionary process.

Ughhh, it’s 100+ degrees in SoCal. Here’s why

High pressure over the Great Basin is bringing unseasonable heat to Southern California.

A warmer, drier SoCal winter might be on tap

You can credit (or blame) La Niña. These conditions were also present last year, but California was bombarded by storms.

The space race to see 2 neutron stars violently merge

Two neutron stars collided 130 million light years away, but researchers only had hours to prepare before they'd miss their window to see the event.

Linked by tragedy, San Bernardino reflects on Las Vegas

This week's mass shooting in Las Vegas has resurfaced painful memories in the Inland Empire city -- site of firearms massacre in 2015.

Invasive species, stowed away on tsunami trash, make their way to the US

When the tsunami dragged debris from Japan into the Pacific, dozens of marine species made the trash their home. They crossed the ocean and arrived on our shores.

Tiny worm caught in the act of reproducing — by tearing itself apart

The tiny, camera shy, asexual worm has been caught in the act; research on how its two halves regenerate could help scientists learn more about how stem cells work.

Breathing LA air may increase your risk of kidney disease

The culprit is particulate matter 1/25th the size of a human hair that enters the bloodstream and wreaks havoc on critical organs.

Jellyfish need their beauty sleep too, new research shows

Scientists hope that if they can figure out why jellyfish sleep, they might be able to figure out why animals, including humans, sleep too.

Ciao, Cassini: NASA spacecraft's long mission ends

Cassini's final signal was received at JPL around 5 a.m. Friday morning, signaling the "end of mission" call, followed by cheers and even some tears.

Cassini's last gasp offers unique chance to understand Saturn

While it sounds bad that scientists are crashing the Cassini spacecraft into Saturn, the final move is arguably one of the most important of the mission.

Giant asteroid to pass closely by Earth

Asteroid Florence is 2.7 miles wide, one of the largest known near-Earth objects ever spotted, and it'll pass by 4.4 million miles from Earth September 1.

Zika, HIV attack the immune system in similar ways

Once the virus enters the bloodstream of a pregnant woman it tricks the immune system, suppresses it and spreads quickly.