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From the consequences of climate change to the next Big One, the threat of another natural disaster is never far away. I help Southern Californians understand the science shaping our imperfect paradise and get them prepared for what’s next.

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Twitter Movie Trailer

Above, is the trailer for the Twitter movie, which is a parody of the Facebook trailer.

Blood on the CBS Early Show

Check out this video of Harry Smith, anchor of the CBS Early Show, slicing his finger with a mandoline. (warning: it's a little gruesome). The action comes at approximately the 1:30 mark.

BP to collect millions in government funds for new power plant

According to an article by Will Evans of California Watch, Hydrogen Energy California LLC will receive 308 million dollars of stimulus funding to build a new hydrogen power plant in Tupman, CA.

How to cut an onion, with Rachael Narins

Chef Rachael Narins runs the "sustainable supper club", Chicks with Knives, in Los Angeles. She and her partner visit the homes of individuals and cook meals for groups of people who are part of the club.

Freaky Franco

Photo from flickr

Baby Dreams

Copywriter Adele Enersen's website Mila's Daydreams, is a collection of imaginary scenescapes with her newborn as the central figure. Lots of cooing and "awwww"ing here at TMBS...

Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back

So, we've been a bit slow on the blog over the past few days, but it's with good reason... I promise! We have been turning out pieces, interviewing more people, scheduling more events, and Kristen and Madeleine have been sitting in more meetings to smooth out the bumps that new shows hit along the way.

Weird LA: Freeze dried bunnies

There are days in your life when things just don't make sense, and today was one of those days. We went on one of our expeditions for our weird LA segment and found ourselves at the bunny museum in Pasadena.

Hybrid Cars Get the Boot!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I make the drive from Woodland Hills to Pasadena each day along with many of my Valley compatriots. On the good days I get to drive a Prius, which allows me to take the carpool lane home, cutting my hour long commute to a mere 45 minutes.

A great place to buy herpes

I filed this under the category, LA Culture, because there was no, "communicable diseases that are a bummer to get" tag. But, it kind of falls under LA Culture, because it feels like something I should expect to see at the creepy corner U-Haul center, next to our office.

A little song about the new show with Madeleine Brand

Two weeks into my new internship at SCPR, I'm having an amazing time, learning a ton, and getting to work with great people everyday. The only problem is that it takes me about an hour to commute.

Vuvuzela Konzert

Weird video (our favorite kind!) of three Germans playing Brahms on their vuvuzelas. Give it a listen- I promise your ears won't bleed. None of us speak German so we don't know what they're saying- do you?

We love to eat!

Ginger, carrot, spinach, bee pollen, wheat grass smoothie.

HAL 9000 (iPad edition)

Image of Alan's iPad navigation screen for his home automated system photo credit: Alan Graham

Coliform bacteria found in reusable shopping bags

According to a study by researchers at University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, out of 84 reusable bags tested, "bacteria were found in almost all bags and coliform bacteria in half.