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From the consequences of climate change to the next Big One, the threat of another natural disaster is never far away. I help Southern Californians understand the science shaping our imperfect paradise and get them prepared for what’s next.

Stories by Jacob Margolis

LA County details struggle to shut down illegal marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries have been barred from unincorporated L.A. County since 2011, but there's no shortage of them.

Patients who need transplants turned away for smoking pot

Those in need of transplants are being turned away for smoking pot, people are being sent to jail for shipping weed across state lines and California is trying to reckon with its confusing pot laws.

HighQ: California leads North America in marijuana sales

Analysts estimate that Californians bought $1.8 billion worth of legal marijuana in 2016 and that the broader market could surpass that for wine.

Should the pot industry look like the alcohol industry?

In Sacramento right now there's a debate over how marijuana gets from farm to table.

Weed-smoking tourist barred from US

On a trip to Colorado from Chile, Sarah smoked some pot. Later, when she tried to visit her boyfriend in the U.S., she was told that she was being barred from the country.

With Measure M, LA takes major step toward regulating marijuana

The new law cements the city council's power to regulate the marijuana industry, sets up a new tax structure, promises punishment for violators and more.

What if Sessions tries dismantling California's pot industry?

Do Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent comment indicate whether he'll attempt to shut down California's marijuana industry? Here's what could happen.

HighQ: Cashing in on California's cannabis boom

The number one question that I've gotten over the past six months while covering the marijuana industry is, "How can I make money off of 'the green rush'?"

Sheila Kuehl thinks LA County should treat pot like alcohol

"I think that this sort of reefer madness approach that we’ve had about marijuana is not going to help us in regulation. But we don’t want to underregulate either."

What LA needs to know about March’s pot propositions

Marijuana advocates, the L.A. City Council and the mayor all support Prop M. Prop N, on the other hand, has been abandoned by its authors.

LA County moves to shut down unlicensed pot shops

L.A. County on Tuesday signaled it would extend a temporary ban on the cultivation, testing and sale of cannabis and called for a renewed crackdown on illegal dispensaries

HighQ: Should I rent my empty property to marijuana growers?

If you've got 30 unused acres sitting in the middle of a remote part of Northern California, what do you do with it?

HighQ: California could see marijuana ads pop up like weeds

Now that marijuana is legal in California, the question is, are we about to see billboards with pot leaves lining the streets while TV commercials extol different brands of weed?

What Jeff Sessions means for California's legal marijuana industry

"Until people know what Trump/Sessions are going to do, it'd just be stupid to invest at this point," says drug expert Jon Caulkins.

HighQ: Will California get recreational weed by 2018?

"I don’t see how this whole process is going to be up and running and ready to go January 1, 2018."