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From the consequences of climate change to the next Big One, the threat of another natural disaster is never far away. I help Southern Californians understand the science shaping our imperfect paradise and get them prepared for what’s next.

Stories by Jacob Margolis

Is the Yahoo hack evidence of an international cyberwar?

"If intelligence falls into the category of warfare...then yeah, I think you can make that argument that we're seeing an aspect of cyberwar here."

California's drought could continue for centuries

"We're used to thinking next year the drought's going to end or it's going to end after two years or three years... This might not be a three to five year thing."

How recreational pot could change California

California's Prop 64 would make recreational marijuana legal in the state. If the law passes, it would mean a big shift in the way the Golden State — already the largest market for pot in the U.S. — regulates marijuana.

SpaceX finds first customer for reusable rocket

For the first time, SpaceX will deliver a customer's payload to space on a rocket that's already been to space itself, which is unusual and risky.

After a 2-billion-mile journey, Juno's ready to get to work

You might get to relax this weekend, but JPL's Juno probe is going to be working overtime. After five years, it's finally ready to figure out Jupiter's back story.

Toxic algal bloom taints some California seafood

Last year, California's fishing industry took a huge hit when a massive toxic algal bloom made its way up the coast. Could it be back?

North America's first total solar eclipse since 1979

In one year, day will be turned to night and for the first time in 38 years North Americans will get to see their first total solar eclipse. Are you ready?

Study: California's wildfires, air quality to get worse

As fire season gets worse in the western U.S., increased amounts of fine particles will likely have an adverse effect on public health.

Scientists identify Zika proteins that can cause microcephaly

The USC study finds two of the 10 Zika proteins inhibit fetal brain development. A drug to combat them is likely years away.

Does the new La Niña forecast mean a dry winter for CA?

The failure of El Niño to bring significant rain is a reminder that a La Niña weather pattern does not guarantee a drier-than-normal winter.

Channel Islands foxes no longer endangered

Twelve years after being placed on the endangered species list, three subspecies of Channel Islands fox will be delisted - the fastest-ever recovery by a mammal.

How and where to watch Thursday's epic Perseid meteor shower

The Perseid meteor shower comes along annually, but this year the sky will be flooded with shooting stars. It's all thanks to Jupiter.

Ocean advocates map SoCal seafloor in bid to protect it

Should bottom trawling be allowed or banned? That's what one environmental advocacy group is trying to figure out by mapping the seafloor off of SoCal.

Witness: 'Just mad chaos' in Nice after Bastille Day attack

People fled into the streets after a truck drove into a crowd celebrating the holiday on the city's promenade Thursday evening.

LA Rams score Cal quarterback Jared Goff as No. 1 draft pick

Suspicions that the Rams traded to the No. 1 pick spot to snag a quarterback proved true as they snagged Jared Goff to kick off the NFL draft.