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James Kim is a podcast producer at KPCC. He’s worked on other podcasts including Radiotopia’s “Strangers” and the audio fiction show “Deadly Manners” starring Kristen Bell, RuPaul and LeVar Burton. James has also created his own podcasts including Marfa Public Radio’s “There’s Something Out There” and “The Hiss.” His most recent podcast, “The Competition,” was featured on NPR, WNYC, CBC and APM. James has previously worked as a producer for “The Dinner Party Download,” “Marketplace,” and KPCC’s “The Frame.”

Stories by James Kim

Rooney Mara initially said no to appearing in "Carol"

The actress says after spending a year on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," she was almost too emotionally drained to appear in "Carol."

Eddie Redmayne takes a leap with his role in 'The Danish Girl'

The actor plays Einar Wegener, who gets gender reassignment surgery and becomes Lili Elbe in the film, "The Danish Girl."

'The Hunting Ground' and the axis of journalism and advocacy

Simon Kilmurry, executive director of the International Documentary Association, says documentaries have an "obligation to be accurate and as truthful" as they can be.

A club owner considers LA nightlife after the Paris attacks

Mitch Edelson, whose family owns several nightclubs in L.A., talks about how their venues will handle security in the wake of the terrorist episode at a concert venue in France.

Kurt Sutter bids a public farewell to 'The Bastard Executioner'

FX announced the cancellation of 'The Bastard Executioner' after its season finale aired on Tuesday. In response, creator Kurt Sutter posted a public farewell.

Cakes da Killa isn't afraid to rap about his sexuality

The hip-hop community still has a way to go in terms of LGBT acceptance, but the 25-year-old rapper is candid about being gay, even if it stirs up controversy.

Adrian Tomine goes back to his California roots in 'Killing and Dying'

The graphic novel is a collection of six stories that were somewhat inspired by Adrian Tomine's life in California, being a parent and finding the true meaning of home.

Leon Bridges breaks down his personal debut album 'Coming Home'

Leon Bridges' debut album landed in the Billboard Top 10 and he talks about how he learned about his grandmother's life through making the album.

Catherine Hardwicke's 'Miss You Already' is just her latest challenging project

Her new film is a cancer-themed drama that is being released as the issue of women directors continues to gather momentum.

Jason Segel: The 'self-aware' actor knows people pigeonhole him

Jason Segel talks about why he thought he was an unlikely choice to play David Foster Wallace, what makes good art, and why he loves family entertainment.

100 women directors Hollywood should look to employ

Kyle Buchanan, a senior editor at Vulture.com, assembled a list of worthy candidates to fill the director's seat in male-dominated Hollywood.

HomeState lets indie-rockers make their own breakfast tacos

HomeState's Briana Valdez brings the indie bands Spoon, Cold War Kids, ?uestlove and more into her kitchen to make signature breakfast tacos for LA foodies.

Lee Daniels hints at an untold personal story in his new show, 'Star'

The co-creator of "Empire" says his new music-themed show is partly inspired by his early days in Hollywood. The show is set to start production in December.

Ilene Chaiken on what it's like running the hit show "Empire"

The veteran producer talks about the challenge of multi-tasking, the difficulty of breaking into the industry as a woman, and 50 Cent's beef with the show.

Courtney Love risks it all in Todd Almond's 'Kansas City Choir Boy'

Love has performed in films and on concert stages, but she's making her theater debut in a show that takes her out of her comfort level.