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Jasmin Tuffaha is a Producer for KPCC’s edition of "All Things Considered."

From 2011-2017, she was a Producer for "AirTalk with Larry Mantle." Her beats included politics, law, science, culture and film. She joined the show in 2011, after working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 11 years, most recently as foreign bureau producer for CBC’s Los Angeles bureau.

Jasmin was a writer and producer on CBC Television’s national evening news for several years, and spent three years in investigative journalism on CBC TV's consumer-watchdog program, "Marketplace."

A graduate of Ryerson University’s Journalism School in Toronto, she was born in Saudi Arabia and spent her formative years in and around Washington, D.C., which may account for her keen interest in politics.

Stories by Jasmin Tuffaha

Garcetti uses DC trip to talk LA infrastructure, immigration

L.A.'s mayor was in Washington to be honored by the nation's largest Latino civil rights group, but he used the trip to talk with federal and congressional leaders about two issues close to the city's heart.

Rep. Schiff goes after Trump wiretapping allegations

At the House Intelligence Committee's public hearing Monday, Democratic Rep. Schiff tried to settle President Trump's claims that the Obama administration illegally wiretapped him.

Filming at 120 frames-per-second could upend movie storytelling

It's back to the projector room for Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's pricey, gutsy movie-making experiment, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk."

Can gun control groups match the NRA?

It seems for every major gun violence tragedy, a new gun control group is formed instead of joining forces with established groups.

‘House of Cards’ creator Beau Willimon says it's impossible to anticipate real politics

As the Netflix series launches its fourth season, WIllimon says, "We have a reality show star leading the Republican pack. Who could have ever predicted that?"

Is it ethical to inject monkeys with Zika?

Scientists at the California National Primate Research Center are infecting pregnant rhesus monkeys with the Zika virus to determine whether it causes microcephaly in babies.

Experts address why blacks are shot more by LA County officers

Criminology experts are at odds in explaining why police in L.A. County fatally shoot black people at triple their proportion in the population, as found in a KPCC investigation.

Sea change against Confederate flag and other catalysts that transformed American history

Following last week’s shooting in Charleston, South Carolina that saw the massacre of nine African Americans in the historic Emanuel AME Church, allegedly committed by a man with white supremacist views, there was an outcry to tear down the Confederate flag from American life.

Bird flu research – science for good or evil

This week, a federal agency on biosecurity likened new bird-flu research to nuclear-bomb experiments.