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Orange County Reporter

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Jill Replogle is KPCC's Orange County Reporter.

Prior to joining KPCC, Jill was managing editor for the English-language Tico Times newspaper in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she often researched and wrote stories, largely focused on immigration, the environment, politics and human rights.

Before that, she reported for the Fronteras collaborative, covering the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration and changing demographics in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Stories by Jill Replogle

ACLU sues Los Alamitos over anti-sanctuary ordinance

The tiny Orange County city has become the epicenter of the three-way fight over immigration among local, state and federal officials.

Los Alamitos upholds ordinance blocking state sanctuary law

The tiny OC city is leading the local movement against the California Values Act, which limits law enforcement cooperation with immigration officials.

Homeless encampment cleared from Orange County Civic Center

Under a federal judge's orders, most of the roughly 180 homeless people living in the civic center have moved to shelters, sober living homes or other housing.

ACLU sues OC Sheriff, DA over jailhouse snitch scandal

The improper use of jailhouse informants allowed confessed mass murderer Scott Dekraai to escape the death penalty. The ACLU now wants a judge to force OC law enforcement to notify any individuals whose criminal defense cases might also be affected.

As Orange County scrambles to address homeless crisis, here's what you need to know

After county leaders proposed, and then backtracked on, sites for new homeless shelters, a federal judge is pressuring Orange County cities to craft alternatives.

Half of homeless removed from OC encampment now have shelter

Some 330 homeless people removed from the Santa Ana River encampment have been placed in emergency shelters or temporary, supportive housing, a county memo reports.

OC cities threaten lawsuits to keep homeless shelters out

County officials want to put up temporary homeless shelters in three OC cities to settle a federal lawsuit. City officials say they'll sue.

Is Orange County leaving mental health dollars on the table?

A recent state audit found that counties have a total of $2.5 billion in unspent funds that they could be using to address mental health and homelessness.

Orange County leaders move to open new homeless shelters

For months, county leaders insisted there were enough beds for 700 homeless who had been living in an encampment. Now, the officials seems to have made an about-face.

Some OC homeless could get extended motel stays

County officials agreed Saturday to consider extending motel stays for some homeless people who were evicted from an encampment along the Santa Ana river last month.

Homeless family of 4 found dead in van in Garden Grove

A couple and their two young children were found dead inside a van in a CVS parking lot in Garden Grove. They appear to have died of asphyxiation.

Orange County homeless relocated to motels are being moved again

Some of the nearly 700 people moved into motels from a homeless encampment in February got letters saying they'll soon have to move. A legal hearing will be held Saturday.

Deadline looms to find shelter for OC homeless in motels

Orange County officials are running up against a deadline to find alternative shelter for nearly 700 homeless people staying in motels. Can they do it?

Is Orange County turning the corner on homelessness?

A flurry of activity aimed at housing the chronically homeless in Orange County has advocates and local leaders optimistic about the future.

OC's homelessness problem is bigger than the Santa Ana riverbed

While officials work furiously to find housing for those evicted from the riverbed, nearly 5,000 people go without permanent shelter in Orange County on any given night.