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Jill Replogle is KPCC's Orange County Reporter.

Jill has worked as a journalist since 2001, reporting from Central America, Mexico, California and the U.S. Southwest. Prior to joining KPCC, Jill was managing editor for the English-language newspaper The Tico Times in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Before that, she was based at KPBS in San Diego, covering the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration and changing demographics for the Fronteras Desk public media collaborative.

Stories by Jill Replogle

'Free Money; Free Land' For Homeless Shelter In San Clemente

San Clemente leaders have brushed aside offers to build a homeless shelter in the beach town. Meanwhile, residents are increasingly irate over growing encampments.

Costa Mesa Residents Applaud Results Of Homeless Shelter

Despite initial concerns about the shelter from neighbors, they say the surrounding area has been cleaned up since it opened in April.

Debating The Single-Use Plastic Bills Moving Through State Legislature

A pair of bills designed to drastically reduce plastic waste in California passed the Senate and Assembly appropriations committees on Thursday.

San Clemente Considers Designated Camping Area For Homeless

San Clemente is considering revising its anti-camping regulations to designate an area where homeless people are officially allowed to camp.

OC Plans Major Bump In Mental Health Care For Inmates

The proposed budget calls for $17 million to hire psychiatrists, behavioral health counselors and nurses to work in county jails.

Bills To Curb Single-Use Plastics in CA Clear Key Hurdle

A pair of bills designed to drastically reduce plastic waste in California passed the Senate and Assembly appropriations committees on Thursday.

Governor Wants To House Homeless On State-Owned Land In OC

Newsom's proposal is based on a bill from Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva that calls for promptly housing OC residents who are homeless and mentally ill.

OC Supervisors Press Pause On Airport Expansion

Orange County's Board of Supervisors delayed a vote on a controversial plan to expand private operations at John Wayne international airport.

Anaheim cop dismissed after firing 64 shots at suspect

The two Anaheim PD officers fired dozens of shots from their moving patrol vehicle. The suspect they were chasing, Eliuth Penaloza Nava, was killed.

Republicans in OC look to take back congressional seats

Republican candidates in Orange County are signing up early to challenge Democratic congress members who took seats from the party in 2018.

OC Considers Airport Enhancements for Private Jets

Orange County residents living near John Wayne Airport fear noise and pollution will increase if the county Board of Supervisors expands operations for private jets.

Orange County prepares for an older population

Orange County's senior population is rising while every other age group is declining. The county hopes to be prepared when the so-called "grey tsunami" hits hard.

'Birth of a Nation' posters removed from film school walls

The film is considered both a technical masterpiece and a grotesque piece of racist propaganda. Chapman students said posters of the film made them uncomfortable.

Nearly 60 percent of Orange County homeless sleep outside

The official number of homeless people in Orange County is up 43 percent from 2017 but the increase is likely due, in part, to a change in methodology.

OC Medi-Cal insurer approves $100 million for homeless care

Orange County's Medi-Cal insurer, CalOptima, plans to spend $100 million to address the health care needs of people living on the streets and in shelters.