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Reporter, College Pathways

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I cover pathways to higher education and the obstacles students face along the way.

Previously I was an editor in the KPCC/LAist newsroom, and before that, the Orange County reporter. In the past, I covered immigration, demographic changes and the drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of the Fronteras Desk public media collaborative. I spent nearly two years managing Costa Rica’s most prestigious English-language newspaper, The Tico Times, and eight years reporting from Central America.

Somewhere in there, I got my master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.

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Stories by Jill Replogle

Nearly 60 percent of Orange County homeless sleep outside

The official number of homeless people in Orange County is up 43 percent from 2017 but the increase is likely due, in part, to a change in methodology.

OC Medi-Cal insurer approves $100 million for homeless care

Orange County's Medi-Cal insurer, CalOptima, plans to spend $100 million to address the health care needs of people living on the streets and in shelters.

Newport-Mesa school board addresses recent anti-semitic incidents

Some are pleased with the district's response while others say it's too little, too late in schools with a history of offenses against marginalized groups.

Orange County experiences dramatic rise in homelessness

As Orange County squabbles over how to address homelessness, a previously unreleased count found the number of people living on the streets of north Orange County is nearly 60 percent higher than the last official estimate in 2017.

South OC cities sued over lack of homeless shelters

The lawsuit alleges that homeless people have no way to comply with laws prohibiting sleeping and loitering in public places because they have no option of sleeping indoors.

Voting in Orange County will be radically different in 2020

Residents will soon vote by mail, or at one of around 200 vote centers, rather than at traditional polling places. The model follows the 2016 Voter's Choice Act.

Orange County is about to go from 1,200 places to vote to 188. Here's why that could be a good thing

The option of new polling places called "vote centers," along with other changes, are aimed at making voting more flexible.

In OC, once-controversial apartments for homeless turn 10

Anaheim's Diamond apartments opened 10 years ago to formerly homeless residents. Now, homeless advocates say it's proof that permanent supportive housing works.

Reducing plastic use: Have you tried it? What issues did you run into?

KPCC reporter Jill Replogle’s family of four gave up single-use plastic for the month of January.

My family tried to ditch single-use plastic. Results: mixed.

Can an urban, middle-class family of four eliminate plastic waste from their lives?

Democrats won big in Orange County this year. Here's how.

An "army" of enthusiastic campaigners, willing and wealthy donors, a slow tide of demographic transformation and a loathing for President Trump. All were factors.

Orange County is looking more purple today

So are several other parts of Southern California. But the blue wave hasn't crested... yet.

'Not in my backyard': One battle over homeless housing

It’s not just about this one battle — it’s a snapshot of NIMBY showdowns all over SoCal.

Nimby or not: One battle to house the homeless

In this multi-part series, we take an inside look at one battle in the crusade to get California's more than 90,000 unsheltered residents off the streets.

In coastal OC congressional race, environment is key issue

Democratic candidate Harley Rouda hopes to unseat longtime congressman Dana Rohrabacher in the 48th Congressional District in Orange County.