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Editor, Housing, Economy and Community Health

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Jill Replogle edits a team of reporters focused on housing, the economy and health.

She previously reported on Orange County where her work included an in-depth look at a fight in Fullerton over a proposed bridge shelter for homeless people.

Stories by Jill Replogle

Orange County homeless relocated to motels are being moved again

Some of the nearly 700 people moved into motels from a homeless encampment in February got letters saying they'll soon have to move. A legal hearing will be held Saturday.

Deadline looms to find shelter for OC homeless in motels

Orange County officials are running up against a deadline to find alternative shelter for nearly 700 homeless people staying in motels. Can they do it?

Is Orange County turning the corner on homelessness?

A flurry of activity aimed at housing the chronically homeless in Orange County has advocates and local leaders optimistic about the future.

OC's homelessness problem is bigger than the Santa Ana riverbed

While officials work furiously to find housing for those evicted from the riverbed, nearly 5,000 people go without permanent shelter in Orange County on any given night.

OC begins clearing river encampments, issuing motel vouchers to homeless

As part of a legal settlement, Orange County will provide 30 days of food and temporary housing vouchers to people who had been living along the Santa Ana River.

Homeless at OC riverbed camp prepare to move

A court deal means homeless people camped along a riverbed in Orange County have to move. Many are grateful for the motel vouchers that are promised to come with the deal.

Orange County homeless camp to be cleared out next week

The plan would have homeless people off the Santa Ana riverbed by the end of next week and into hotel rooms paid for by Orange County.

Can cannabis save us from the opioid crisis?

A new study adds to a body of research suggesting medical marijuana may help reduce opioid deaths. But experts say ending the epidemic will take much more than pot.

Judge halts clearing of OC homeless encampments

But OC Sheriff's deputies plan to continue to patrol the area for "criminal activity" even if they can't cite people for trespassing and camping.

Santa Ana considers rent control as housing costs rise

Santa Ana is the latest California city, and the only one in Orange County, to consider rent control as one solution to the housing affordability crisis.

Judge to hear arguments in OC homeless lawsuit

A federal judge will hear arguments for and against halting Orange County's efforts to clear homeless encampments from the Santa Ana River.

Homeless advocates sue to stop Orange County from clearing homeless camps

Advocates for the homeless filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to stop Orange County from removing the roughly 500 to 1,000 people living along the Santa Ana riverbed.

Orange County woman, whose stem cell transplant was delayed by officials, dies

Helen Huynh had waited three months for U.S. officials to allow her stem cell donor to enter the country from Vietnam.

No charges for off-duty cop who fired gun in fight with teen

Prosecutors announced that they wouldn't be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that LAPD officer Kevin Ferguson used excessive force.

Homeless being told to leave Santa Ana River encampment

Orange County sheriff's deputies are going tent to tent, telling people they need to move. "I didn’t know I was going to end up here, didn’t want to, either," said one man.