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Jill Replogle is KPCC's Orange County Reporter.

Jill has worked as a journalist since 2001, reporting from Central America, Mexico, California and the U.S. Southwest. Prior to joining KPCC, Jill was managing editor for the English-language newspaper The Tico Times in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Before that, she was based at KPBS in San Diego, covering the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration and changing demographics for the Fronteras Desk public media collaborative.

Stories by Jill Replogle

Your guide to swell spectating at the US Open of Surfing

The U.S. Open of Surfing, one of the country’s premier surf competitions, starts this weekend in Huntington Beach. Here's what to know.

Inmate death latest black mark for OC Sheriff's Department

The death of 27-year-old Danny Pham in an Orange County jail has resulted in the suspension of five jail workers. It's the latest scandal to hit OC law enforcement.

Political newbies take on SoCal Republicans for House seats

Two dozen Democratic candidates are challenging Republican incumbents in five, contested SoCal congressional districts, and none of them have held office before.

Fundraising frenzy over 5 SoCal congressional seats

Millions of dollars are already flowing into five, Republican-held congressional districts in SoCal that Democrats hope to flip in the November 2018 election.

Playing tag with SoCal's great white sharks

White sharks have been hanging around LA and Orange County beaches in record numbers this year. Here's what researchers are learning about them.

Rising seas could bring chronic flooding to Orange County

A new study on sea level rise suggests that some Southern California communities, especially in Orange County, will face chronic flooding much sooner than expected.

OC Republicans' feud headed to ballot box in 2018 DA's race

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer announced plans to run against District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in June. The two have a longstanding feud.

OC sheriff acknowledges informant use in county jails

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens conceded in testimony that jail deputies used confidential informants to elicit incriminating statements from defendants.

OC sheriff to testify in jailhouse snitch scandal

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens will testify Wednesday in a hearing aimed at determining who knew how much about the improper use of jailhouse informants.

Deadly year for drownings on Kern River

With the Kern River now swollen with rushing snow melt, river rescuers worry that this will be a busy, and deadly 4th of July weekend.

Spending mounts in recall fight over Dem state senator

About a month and a half into the campaign to recall state Senator Josh Newman, supporters and opponents have collectively raised about $1.5 million for the effort.

OC supervisors reject cost-saving, easy-voting centers

Without explaining their reasoning, five Republican supervisors vote against measure that would make it easier for the county’s 1.2 million voters to cast a ballot.

Grand jury: No jailhouse snitch program in Orange County

An grand jury found no widespread misuse of jailhouse informants to convict suspects in Orange County, despite court documents suggesting otherwise.

Homeless advocates decry lack of funds for housing in OC budget

Advocates for the homeless plan to protest at the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting over the lack of funding for housing in the county's proposed budget.

OC lifeguards prepare for new, sharky reality

As an unusually large number of sharks continue to be spotted near Orange County and L.A. shores, lifeguard agencies are preparing for a new reality.