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John Horn is the host of The Frame. He previously was a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, where he covered the film business for more than a decade. Before joining The Times, Horn was a senior writer at Newsweek magazine, a senior editor at Premiere magazine, an entertainment reporter for The Associated Press and a television reporter for the Orange County Register. He is an honors graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Dramatic Arts. He is a former member of the vestry at All Saints Church and a former member of the boards of the National Arts Journalism Program and Union Station Homeless Services.

Stories by John Horn

Paul Bettany: From 'Shelter' to 'Avengers,' he finds meaning in stories

Paul Bettany has written and directed "Shelter," a movie about homelessness. But for the "Avengers" actor, his new departure comes from an old love of storytelling.

Filmmaker Patricia Riggen: 'It's harder to be a woman than Latina'

The director of "The 33," a movie about the 2010 Chilean mining accident, says she still has to prove herself to every collaborator, "every single day."

Jay Roach looks to LBJ in 'All the Way' for hope in democracy

The director has taken on politics in films such as "Game Change" and "Recount," and now he's adapting the Tony Award-winning play about a key year in Lyndon Johnson's presidency.

'House of Cards' writer says the show isn't about politics, it's about 2 people

Beau Willimon is in the middle of shooting the show's fourth season, which will likely debut as the 2016 presidential primaries are in full swing.

Ewan McGregor is Jesus and the devil in 'Last Days in the Desert'

Ewan McGregor and writer/director Rodrigo García reflect on shooting "Last Days in the Desert" in a California desert landscape.

Does box office performance help or hurt Oscar chances?

The Academy's not averse to rewarding movies with low domestic box office, but does a high return at the box office lead to victory come awards time?

'Spotlight:' The story behind the story of Boston's Catholic church sex scandal

The movie recounts how Boston Globe reporters uncovered sex abuse allegations against priests and a coverup by the Archdiocese.

Should NBC pull Donald Trump from Saturday Night Live?

The decision to have Trump host SNL has created a massive controversy — should NBC step in? Or should they let Trump stay on the program?

Hubbard Street Dance and Second City take on 'The Art of Falling'

Collaboration is common in the performing arts, but this venture between a contemporary dance company and a comedy troupe breaks new ground.

Catherine Hardwicke's 'Miss You Already' is just her latest challenging project

Her new film is a cancer-themed drama that is being released as the issue of women directors continues to gather momentum.

Jason Segel: The 'self-aware' actor knows people pigeonhole him

Jason Segel talks about why he thought he was an unlikely choice to play David Foster Wallace, what makes good art, and why he loves family entertainment.

Saoirse Ronan feared letting down her family in 'Brooklyn'

The Irish actress played a character from her own country for the first time, and some of the film was shot about 20 minutes from her hometown.

100 women directors Hollywood should look to employ

Kyle Buchanan, a senior editor at, assembled a list of worthy candidates to fill the director's seat in male-dominated Hollywood.

Starz CEO: Premium cable too focused on 'affluent white males'

Chris Albrecht, CEO of Starz shares his views on the state of the TV business and says riding the subways of NYC as a kid made him want to create content by and for a diverse audience.

HomeState lets indie-rockers make their own breakfast tacos

HomeState's Briana Valdez brings the indie bands Spoon, Cold War Kids, ?uestlove and more into her kitchen to make signature breakfast tacos for LA foodies.