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Production & Promotions Director

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John Rabe is KPCC's Production & Promotions Director, a post he assumed in July of 2017 after 35 years behind the mike. His job is to shape the sound of the station.

From 2006 to 2017, John was producer and host of Off-Ramp, twice named the nation's "best local public affairs show." Before that, Rabe was the station's housing & healthcare reporter and local host for "All Things Considered."

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but he found his niche as reporter and anchor at Michigan State University's public radio station, where he half-heartedly earned his BA in English. Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Rabe lives with Julian Bermudez, his art curator husband, and their Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

Good news/Bad news from Off-Ramp host John Rabe

After 11 years of exploring the best city on Earth, John Rabe is retiring Off-Ramp to take an exciting new job at KPCC.

Go see Henson's 'Puppet Up! Uncensored' — but don't bring the kids

The original Muppets were aimed at adult audiences, so it's only natural for Henson's 'Puppet Up!" improv show to include a little blue material ... and we don't mean blue felt.

1933 Group will restore, reopen fabled Formosa Cafe

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with 1933 Group's Bobby Green about giving the historic Formosa Cafe a new lease on life after it was shuttered this winter.

NBC4: Did kids camp owner and a state agency collude to whitewash contamination risk?

NBC4 investigative reporter Joel Bellman talks with KPCC's John Rabe about the latest installment of LA's Nuclear Secret, an 8-part series on chemical and nuclear contamination from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

Before Mazzy Star, the late Keith Mitchell was 'the Buddy Rich of punk rock' in LA groups

The late Keith Mitchell showed his stuff early in Monitor and The Romans, adventurous, seriously fun bands of the 70s and 80s.

Tiny Tim and Tin Pan Alley live again in new cassette (!) from Burger Records

It's a perfect storm of anachronisms. Burger Records, the LA label, just released an album from the early 1970s ... of Tinpan Alley songs ... on cassette ... recorded in the early 1970s ... by Tiny Tim.

LA Chamber Orchestra Maestro Jeffrey Kahane's exit interview, with piano

Sitting at the most beautiful piano in the world, Jeffrey Kahane gives us a preview of his final concert as maestro of the LA Chamber Orchestra

Saxophonist Big Jay McNeely, 'King of the Honkers,' still steals the show at 90

Off-Ramp's jazz correspondent Sean J. O'Connell talks with the irrepressible showman and sax master Big Jay McNeely, who'll be honored May 17 at The Grammy Museum in Downtown LA.

Famous crime writers and wrongfully convicted paired in 'Anatomy of Innocence'

“Anatomy of Innocence” is a new anthology that tells the stories of over a dozen people who were convicted of crimes they did not commit.

"Avocado" is from Nahuatl, is the same word as "testicle"

English has borrowed more than a few words from the ancient language of the Aztecs, including avocado and coyote.

RIP Lucy Casado of Lucy's El Adobe: 'A pistol and a beloved mamacita'

Dan Guerrero remembers Lucy Casado, who died Tuesday at 91, as a politically active "pistol" but also a welcoming, mothering "mamacita" who provided a welcoming space at Lucy's El Adobe Cafe.

You think you're a longtime Angeleno? Theresa Chavez's family came here in 1771!

We play "Ask a Californio" with Theresa Chavez, whose family moved to LA almost 250 years ago. One of her ancestors, it is said, "could ride from San Diego to Sonoma without once leaving his own land."

Joe Domanick on the LAPD: 'They're trying.'

25 years after the riots, journalist Joe Domanick assesses the LAPD, and recounts one day in South Central - April 30, 1992.

Child of the cornfield: L.A. State Historic Park opens

What ever happened to that cornfield downtown? And did you know it was an art installation? Surprise! It's officially opening this weekend in its intended form as the L.A. State Historic Park.

Audit shows DMV not regulating disabled parking placard program

The DMV barely checked applications, didn't cancel dead people's placards, didn't help locals crack down on offenders. Meantime, lobbyists allegedly threatened a lawmaker who tried to fix the problem.