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Production & Promotions Director

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John Rabe is KPCC's Production & Promotions Director, a post he assumed in July of 2017 after 35 years behind the mike. His job is to shape the sound of the station.

From 2006 to 2017, John was producer and host of Off-Ramp, twice named the nation's "best local public affairs show." Before that, Rabe was the station's housing & healthcare reporter and local host for "All Things Considered."

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but he found his niche as reporter and anchor at Michigan State University's public radio station, where he half-heartedly earned his BA in English. Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Rabe lives with Julian Bermudez, his art curator husband, and their Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

50 years ago, boxer Davey Moore's fatal fight at Dodger Stadium

The two people most affected by Davey Moore’s death had to get on with their lives. Moore’s widow, Geraldine, took a job and raised five children as a single mom. Sugar Ramos, the new champion, kept fighting.

Bob Gurr imagined it, helped build Disneyland, King Kong, Jurassic Park

Bob Gurr, named a Disney Legend in 2004, never let a thing like not knowing how to do something get in the way of doing things.

Off-Ramp host does Kate Upton and Jake Davidson one better, asks 17-year old girl to prom

Since it's now okay for high school kids to ask out celebrities, it must be okay for celebrities -- even D-list public radio celebrities -- to ask out high-schoolers, right?

'Deep Throat' porn star Harry Reems dies, 65

"Harry went from living a bizarre lifestyle, through a 180 degree, almost miraculous change to find a Higher Power he called God, and become a truly nice guy who cared for others."

Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley

Slow pans, intense but faded colors, snow-white statues of Christ, chips in the plaster, exposed rebar. A feeling of calm. Listen with the sound up or off. A lovely movie from Christopher Lee.

Help Off-Ramp during March Madness - or, trash talking for a cause

Everyone knows Lynne Rossetto Kasper has the worst jump-shot in public radio. Worse than David Brancaccio's. She once told Noah Adams she "can't be bothered" to go up for rebounds, and she took out Peter Sagal with an "accidental" knee to the temple .. after she tripped him.

Family turns tragedy -- losing a baby -- into a safe haven for other kids

The Miguel Leonard Padilla Banks soft room is a place at the cold, hard, scary Hollywood police station where kids won't feel quite so scared.

UPDATE: SoCal Catholics welcome news of 1st Latin American pope (photos)

The Los Angeles Archdiocese's 4.2 million Catholics greeted news Wednesday of a new pope, Argentine cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

Homeboy's Father Greg Boyle excited by Pope Francis, moves church closer to Jesus

Father Greg Boyle, one of Southern California's spiritual leaders, reveals his dream: a humble Pope wearing huaraches, jeans, and a guayabera. "That guy I could follow anywhere." Is Francis that man?

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's Peter Sagal and John Rabe raise money, hackles

Here are five fundraising segments you can send your friends to get them to support KPCC.

PHOTOS: New Woodland Hills homeowners' bonus room: a fully stocked fallout shelter

"... the bomb shelter is an absolute time capsule: still stocked with old magazines, bunks, sleeping bags and medications. I told them to keep it in case of imminent Zombie Apocalypse. You're more than welcome to visit..."

VIDEO: How to save the Rockfish from an awful death from Barotrauma

If you bring a rockfish up from deep water, its eyes bulge out, its stomach is pushed out of its mouth, and, in general, it looks like hell.

Will you sit on your hands?

Sitting on your hands is never a good idea. Especially if you're wearing corduroy pants, which leave unsightly lines on your hands. But also not during our Spring Fundraiser.

LA Phil's new season includes first tour of Los Angeles

During construction, Concertmaster Chalifour played Bach as Salonen and Gehry listened, holding hands, they were so nervous. It sounded so good, the maestro broke into tears.

Oscars, Schmoscars! Sean Penn wins first annual Ernie award

'While I'm genuinely sorry to not be in the location that Ernie is most likely to be staring down at tonite, if only so I could look up and say "Hey!," I'm very pleased to be acknowledged with anything bearing his name.'