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John Rabe is KPCC's Production & Promotions Director, a post he assumed in July of 2017 after 35 years behind the mike. His job is to shape the sound of the station.

From 2006 to 2017, John was producer and host of Off-Ramp, twice named the nation's "best local public affairs show." Before that, Rabe was the station's housing & healthcare reporter and local host for "All Things Considered."

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but he found his niche as reporter and anchor at Michigan State University's public radio station, where he half-heartedly earned his BA in English. Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Rabe lives with Julian Bermudez, his art curator husband, and their Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

When Oskar Schindler Came to LA

When the Nazis invaded Poland, Oskar Schindler saved 1,200 Jews by claiming them as workers "essential to the war effort."

Youngest Schindler Jew - Part of Off-Ramp's Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend on Off-Ramp, it's a special program dedicated to people who have lived through war ... civilians and military. We're starting with a remarkable conversation with a remarkable man, 81-year old Leon Leyson of Fullerton, who was the youngest Schindler Jew.

Separated @ Birth ... or Getty (finally) Celebrates Parliament Funkadelic

It's called the Mothership, and it is going into the Smithsonian.

Annoying Pitch of the Day

I just got a pitch to do a story about the Gobie H2O.

Steve Julian Makes It Easy

As a journalist and host, it's my job to generalize from the specific, and often to generalize from the personally specific, so: Every time I go to a local theatre production, I say to myself, "Self, that was good! I need to do this more often.

Rabe Meets Match: Spends Day with Huell Howser

(Huell Howser being interviewed by Off-Ramp guest host Rowan Atkinson. Image: Cameron Mitchell.)

Correction of the Day

Off-Ramp contributor Marc Haefele sends this along:

In memoriam: Mary Claire Rita Wiley Sullivan, Jerry's mom

Off-Ramp contributor Jerry Sullivan, managing editor of the Orange County Business Journal, remembers his mother, who passed away May 6, in Orange.

What causes hearing loss in 1 of 5 US teens?

A recent health study from the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that 1 out of 5 U.S. teens have observable hearing loss, a 30 percent increase over the last 15 years. More than a third of these cases are caused by over-exposure to excessive sound levels, like loud music or lawnmowers. Dr. John House of the House Research Institute explains how these hearing issues are caused.

Words With Friends and Its Awful Tie Rule

There are a few things that bug me about Words With Friends, the popular Scrabble®-esque app: The ads, if you're using the free version. The sounds - bloop bloop bloop -- if you don't have the sense to turn them off.

Wayne White, Off-Ramp Profilee, Opens New (Puppet) Show

Wayne White, known most recently for his word paintings, just opened a new show, Sand Mountain Tractor, at Western Project gallery in Culver City. There are tons of drawings, but for my money, the stars of the show are the puppets.

Newton Minow makes big splash with 'Vast Wasteland' speech - 50 years ago today

Fifty years ago today, the brash young chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Newton Minow, gave what would become one of the most famous speeches of the 20th century. The official title of his address was “Television and the Public Interest,” but it became known as the Vast Wasteland speech.

Rabe's Vegetable Oil Conversion Causes Atherosclerosis

It's vaguely possible you've heard that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. That's the moral of my detour into running a car on vegetable oil I scavenged from restaurants.

Craigslist watch offer blends roller derby, Scott Carpenter, good dad in tale rich with SoCal local history

Browsing Craigslist for an entirely different thing (not that!), I came across the following entry. I don't know if the story is true, but I don't care. In any case, it makes me want the watch.

Trump stumped?

"Oh, wait a second," Trump said. "Hawaii is a state?"