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Production & Promotions Director

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John Rabe is KPCC's Production & Promotions Director, a post he assumed in July of 2017 after 35 years behind the mike. His job is to shape the sound of the station.

From 2006 to 2017, John was producer and host of Off-Ramp, twice named the nation's "best local public affairs show." Before that, Rabe was the station's housing & healthcare reporter and local host for "All Things Considered."

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but he found his niche as reporter and anchor at Michigan State University's public radio station, where he half-heartedly earned his BA in English. Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Rabe lives with Julian Bermudez, his art curator husband, and their Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

LA photographer Julius Shulman dies at 98

Julius Shulman, probably Los Angeles' most famous photographer, died Wednesday night at the age of 98. He was most famous for his photos of Modernist architecture, but he photographed all kinds of buildings, and was know for his human approach - he wanted people in his shots. KPCC's John Rabe went to his 95th birthday celebration and filed this report.

Gerald Wilson, El Chicano, and 'Viva Tirado'

"Here's a song, originally written by a Black composer in honor of a Mexican bullfighter, covered by a Chicano band steeped in Black R&B and jazz, then sampled by the first major Chicano rap artist."

Billboard Art

John checks out an exhibit of glorious Kodachrome photos of LA billboards from the 1950s and 1960s, assembled by LA's preeminent photojournalist Gary Leonard. The photos (and billboards) are like time capsules of another era.

What about the Funnies?!

John wonders what will happen to his beloved Candorville, Frazz, Peanuts, and Zits if newspapers die. He posed the question to artists and publishers at a cartoonists' convention in LA.

Southland exhibit shows off work of late Disney animator

Animator Marc Davis earned plenty of respect as one of Walt Disney's "Nine Old Men." Davis created Thumper, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, and Cruella De Vil, among other famous characters. But Davis was trained as a fine artist. He spent his spare time painting subjects from bullfights and whaling to scenes from nature. His lines are sure, his draftsmanship flawless, and his colors are bold. Only now, nine years after his death, is he getting a museum show for this side of his work. KPCC's John Rabe met Marc Davis' widow, Alice, at the museum at Forest Lawn in Glendale.

Making a recession victory garden

KPCC's John Rabe chats with Frank Burkard, of Burkard Nurseries in Pasadena, about making a recession victory garden.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Patzert talks about recent weather

Temperature records are falling all over Southern California, a good time to check in with Bill Patzert, who watches the weather for JPL.

Woman celebrates 115th birthday

The world’s oldest person turned 115 years old today. KPCC’s John Rabe went to Gertrude Baines’ birthday party in L.A.’s West Adams neighborhood.

How Green Was My Valley?

UPDATE: The state of California may close Los Encinos State Historic Park, at Balboa and Ventura Blvd. in Encino, once "the hub of human habitation in the Southern San Fernando Valley," because it doesn't make enough money. No, it's not a moneymaker, but it's tranquil, fun, and rich in history. Off-Ramp talked with local historian Kevin Roderick about the park a few years ago.

Artists & fans raising money for Stan Sakai, creator of iconic rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo

Since 1984, Stan Sakai has been drawing Usagi Yojimbo, a comic book about a rabbit samurai. But Sakai is an independent artist and is faced with medical bills for his wife Sharon's illness.

Frustrated on the 110? Slow down and enjoy the parkway!

Try doing what we did: drive the 110 Arroyo Parkway slowly, in the right lane, and see what a nice drive it is. Your ulcer will thank you.

Motorcycle Writer takes to the Off-Ramps and highways

Since John Rabe's mother would rise from the grave if he rode a motorbike, automotive writer Susan Carpenter let us wire her for sound as she drives LA's highways and offramps.