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Associate Producer, The Frame

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Jonathan Shifflett is an associate producer on KPCC’s arts and entertainment program, The Frame.

Outside of KPCC, he produces a podcast about women in punk called “I’m in the Band” and he also plays in a country bluegrass band. He has a BA in guitar performance from the Thornton School of Music and received a master’s degree in journalism from the USC Annenberg School for Communication. Jonathan is a native of St. Helena, CA.

Stories by Jonathan Shifflett

Social issues take center stage at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival

L.A. Times flim reporter, Steven Zeitchik, is on the ground in Toronto. He told The Frame why Toronto matters to awards season and gave us his top picks this year.

Documentary looks at the plight of immigrant construction workers, including DACA recipients

"Building The American Dream" follows the importance of immigrant construction workers to the Texas economy and the role DACA has played in securing their livelihood.

Kira Kelly is a rarity: A female, African-American cinematographer

She has an Emmy nomination for Ava DuVernay's documentary, "13th," and that led to her working on the filmmaker's "Queen Sugar."

Cinefamily closes pending investigation of harassment, abuse claims

The popular indie film theater has closed its doors as it deals with the resignation of its founder and the vice-president of its board of directors.

'Rumble' celebrates Native American impact on popular music

"Rumble" takes its name from the song by Shawnee musician Link Wray. Few even knew he was a Native American.

CBS addresses its poor track record of hiring Latinos after fierce lobbying efforts

One of the big four networks has doubled its number of Latino actors and writers after a little persuasion from The National Latino Media Council.

Carlos Almaraz's art was steeped in the dualities of sexual and ethnic identity

A new exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art traces the painter's work from his civil rights activist days to a style that was deeply personal.

Wanda Sykes brings same-sex parenting to Disney's ‘Doc McStuffins’

Comedian Wanda Sykes and Chris Nee, the creator of “Doc McStuffins,” discuss an episode of the Disney Jr. show that features same-sex parents.

'Deadpool 2' stunt goes tragically wrong, killing stuntwoman

Joi Harris was a licensed motorcycle racer who was doing her first movie stunts. She reportedly lost control of her bike and was thrown through a plate glass window.

'Brigsby Bear' filmmakers went from YouTube to SNL to quirky feature

Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary always dreamed of making a movie. Now their quirky "Brigsby Bear" is a reality — and they hope people show up to see it.

Al Gore believes the internet might be the answer to 'fake news'

Former Vice President Al Gore hopes his new documentary "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power" will educate people on how to talk about climate change and combat "fake news" with the truth.

The Summer of Love was about more than just music

Harvey Kubernik's new book, “1967: a Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love," tracks the iconic moments and movements of that pivotal time in pop culture.

After a long hiatus for Fleet Foxes, Robin Pecknold revives the band with a new album

It's been six years since the band's last album, and the drummer left to launch a solo career as Father John Misty, but Pecknold says there was still new sounds to explore.

Does the Public Theater's Trump-like 'Julius Caesar' go too far?

Various U.S. presidents have been depicted as the doomed Shakespeare character. A New York Times theater critic says many people are misinterpreting the play.

'It Comes at Night' director made a horror film about confronting his own fears

Trey Shults says writing the movie helped him confront his fear of death and to deal with the grief of losing his father.