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Asian American Communities Correspondent

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More Asian Americans live in L.A. County than any other county in the U.S. The communities are varied and complex and often invisible in the mainstream media. I tell the stories of recent immigrants and families who have been here for generations to answer the question: How do you navigate the intersection of being Asian and American and what impact does that have on L.A.’s future?

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Stories by Josie Huang

Here's how tarantula venom can help make better pain meds

The team at UC San Francisco's David Julius Lab has discovered that the tarantula, of all creatures, could actually help improve pain medication.

Grim Sleeper victim's sister reacts to sentencing

'What you sow, you reap' says Samara Herard. Her family took in Princess Berthomieux, a victim in the Grim Sleeper case, when she was 3 years old.

Elections in Mexico could signal major political shake-up

One of Mexico's big political powers saw a downslide in this weekend's state elections. We'll take a look at what this could mean for the 2018 presidential election

The complex role of political surrogates

This election cycle, political surrogates have been out in full force, touting the messages of the presidential candidates.

Instagram's new logo embraces color, ditches polaroid

Adobe's director designer explains why Instagram's new look is in line with the current trend of aesthetics for smart devices.

The FDA plans to redefine 'healthy.' But it may take a while.

Since the mid-1990s, the FDA has defined “healthy” as a product with limited levels of fat, sodium and cholesterol. But that could all change soon.

How California home prices got sky-high

The average price of a home in California is more than twice the national average. But it wasn't always this way.

Diving into new homelessness numbers

Homelessness in Los Angeles County rose by nearly 6 percent over the past year, according to new numbers released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

LA County homelessness up 6 percent over last year

Homelessness rose by 35 percent in the San Fernando Valley, when most other areas saw slight increases or even decreases.

City of LA floats proposal to tackle mansionization epidemic

Across Los Angeles, homes are being torn down and replaced with bigger houses, called "McMansions" by some.

Sorry, McMansion fans. You can't have it your way

Complaints about outsized homes have been growing so the city may scale back or eliminate provisions that can lead to outsize homes.

Boomers are staying in their homes longer, and that’s not good for SoCal real estate

Realtors say that Baby Boomers' decision to stay longer in their homes is having a major impact on the entire housing market

Baby boomers hold tight to their homes

More baby boomers are staying in their homes instead of moving to condos or apartments — and that's making SoCal's housing shortage worse.

LA kids grow up more segregated than their parents

A new study looked at 100 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, and found that more parents are moving so their kids can attend the best schools.

A sign of gentrification: The vanishing LA laundromat

Lucy's Laundromat in Echo Park is the latest coin-operated laundry to close in the face of redevelopment. Residents say family-owned businesses are disappearing.