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Asian American Communities Correspondent

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More Asian Americans live in L.A. County than any other county in the U.S. The communities are varied and complex and often invisible in the mainstream media. I tell the stories of recent immigrants and families who have been here for generations to answer the question: How do you navigate the intersection of being Asian and American and what impact does that have on L.A.’s future?

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Stories by Josie Huang

What happens when LA's affordable housing contracts expire?

The contracts were signed years ago. They require landlords to give low-income tenants a deal on their rent. But thousands of them expire in the next few years.

USC's Richard Green goes to Washington

The head of USC's Lusk Center for Real Estate takes a 1-year appointment advising HUD on housing finance.

Why LA landlords want to pass the water bill to renters

The Apartment Association of Greater LA says renters haven't cut water use during the drought. They want LA officials to approve a plan to meter individual units.

The new DTLA: Where a 700 square foot apartment rents for $2800/mo

"People who’ve been living downtown like myself for over 50 years can’t afford to live here no more," said one man who protested at a new luxury housing complex.

Could tiny backyard homes ease SoCal's housing shortage?

UCLA designers created a 500-square-foot pop-up home that can be mass produced. They want L.A. officials to approve a pilot program to put 500-1000 homes in backyards.

Fewer cash sales in Southern California real estate market

Cash sales make up 25 percent of real estate transactions here, compared to 34 percent nationally, says data firm CoreLogic. High prices have driven away flippers.

LA County sees biggest jump in property value in 5 years

The assessed value of all property in LA County grew by more than 6 percent. Every city in the county saw property values increase.

Top CA housing official to leave post amid renter protests

The head of the California Housing Finance Agency wouldn't comment on why he was leaving, but an LA tenants' rights group claims they "shamed" him out of office.

LA housing: A tale of 2 seniors

Lois Rubin, 66, needed an affordable place to live. She rents a room from Shirley Ross, 95. As Baby Boomers retire and face high housing costs, the option works.

LA housing developments panned for 'lacking character'

Councilmembers are pushing a plan that would give the city more say over the design of new subdivisions.

LA panel debates future of digital billboards (Updated)

A city committee is considering regulations on new outdoor signs and granting amnesty to billboards standing without the proper permits.

LA health workers fight lead poisoning in 'Promise Zone'

Public health workers are focusing efforts on parts of Hollywood, East Hollywood, Koreatown, Pico Union and Westlake.

Vernon welcomes newcomers in bid to shed corrupt past

Newcomers are moving into the just-built Vernon Village Park, an affordable housing apartment complex. The city's corrupt past was inspiration for the second season of "True Detective."

LA seeks ways to pay for seismic retrofitting

City officials say a state financing program could help property owners pay for retrofits over decades, and reduce how much cost they pass onto tenants.

California's cap-and-trade recipients announced

The state will set aside more than $27 million in cap-and-trade dollars to build more than 800 affordable housing units in Southern California alone.