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Asian American Communities Correspondent

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More Asian Americans live in L.A. County than any other county in the U.S. The communities are varied and complex and often invisible in the mainstream media. I tell the stories of recent immigrants and families who have been here for generations to answer the question: How do you navigate the intersection of being Asian and American and what impact does that have on L.A.’s future?

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Stories by Josie Huang

In immigration news: Deportation numbers questioned, 'All-Ivy' student, impound moratorium

High deportation figures are misleading - Los Angeles Times Immigration activists have taken to calling President Obama "deporter-in-chief," pointing out that the number of expulsions under his watch is nearing 2 million.

Monterey Park to elderly shoppers: Please don’t take carts home

Worried about blight, the city is expected to approve new rules on shopping carts like requiring signage about unauthorized removal in Chinese, Spanish and English.

In Immigration News: bishops at the border, education gap, unlicensed drivers

Bishops seek immigration reform during border trip - Associated Press Roman Catholic bishops are visiting the U.S-Mexico border today, "for an early morning walk in the desert along the border, followed by a Mass at the fence separating the two countries in southern Arizona.

Immigration officials mount campaign against marriage fraud

Here's the set-up: An American marries a foreigner to help a virtual stranger get a green card.

In immigration news: Disenchanted Latino voters, legacy of Filipino farmworkers, kids' court

Latino voting participation has been growing, but some organizers worry about losing some of those gains because of increasing disenchantment with President Obama. Also, Filipino farmworkers feel overlooked in the new "Cesar Chavez" film.

#CancelColbert: Suey Park, the activist behind the hashtag

She doesn't like the term "hashtag activism." A writer from the Chicago area, Park says her crusades against sexism and racism go beyond pithy one-liners on Twitter.

LA immigration activists press Obama to stop deportations

More than 150 immigration activists marched through downtown Los Angeles Wednesday to pressure President Obama to stop the record pace of deportations under his administration.

Viewed by itself, Pacific Islander experience looks very different

The Pacific Islander experience diverges from the Asian-American one when it comes to issues such as education and health

In immigration news: Targeting Latino drivers, deported immigrant returns to to US, Asian-Americans and Obamacare

DA: Cop accused of targeting Latinos faces hate crime charges - Newsday In another purported case of law enforcement targeting Latino immigrants drivers, a police sergeant in Long Island, NY surrendered Monday for stealing cash from Latino drivers at traffic stops.

SCA 5: A political coming-of-age story for Chinese-Americans

The SCA 5 episode demonstrates that Chinese-Americans, despite the majority being foreign-born, have reached a level of political maturity where they can marshal forces statewide quickly, and deftly apply political pressure.

In Immigration news: Dozens found in stash house, Piolin's extortion claims rejected, Silicon Valley's lack of diversity

Five will face federal charges in Pearland stash house - Houston Chronicle More than 110 people were found imprisoned in a squalid stash house, apparently pending payment to the smugglers who brought them to the US.

In immigration news: Latinos as California's biggest demographic, war heroes recognized, low insurance uptake

24 Latino and Jewish veterans, 6 from Southern California, awarded Medal of Honor - Southern California Public Radio The veterans will be recognized in a ceremony in Washington DC Tuesday.

Affirmative action bill SCA 5 'dead for the year'

A legislative plan to ask California voters whether they want affirmative action reinstated at public universities is not going forward this year.

In immigration news: 'Bring Them Home' protest, in-state tuition, trailer for 'Documented,' and more

Obama Orders Immigration Enforcement Review Amid Pressure - Bloomberg Coming under harsh criticism for a record number of deportations under his administration, President Obama has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to review its immigration policy and see if there are ways to make it more humane.

'Clergy Academy' trains recruits on mental health

Some immigrants may forego treatment for depression and other mental health issues and instead seek help from a clergy member.