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Josie Huang reports on religion, international affairs and diaspora for KPCC. She previously covered housing issues and immigration for the station. She grew up in Taiwan and Maryland, and worked in public radio and newspapers in New England before joining KPCC in 2012.

Stories by Josie Huang

Diversity on TV may be good for the ratings

A UCLA analysis of 67 scripted cable and broadcast shows found that those with more diverse cast members posted above-average ratings.

New Republican outreach strategy woos California Latinos

Republicans hire their first-ever Hispanic state director in California and announce a new strategy to court the Latino vote in strategic areas across the country.

Finding bone marrow matches is harder for some ethnic groups

Bone marrow donations can potentially save the lives of people with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers. But it can be difficult finding donors, especially within certain ethnic communities.

Inside California's Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

The new law is directed at workers in situations where providing one-on-one personal care accounts for 80 percent or more of their duties.

Irvine's Asian population booms, boosting real estate sales

Irvine is now one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation, partly due to its appeal to Asian homebuyers attracted to the planned community’s wide boulevards, open space and new construction.

Immigration reform push intensifies as Syria tensions ease

Immigration reform advocates see an opening to take center stage and build momentum for federal action.

Julie Chen's eyelid surgery comment draws praise, criticism

When "The Talk" co-host Julie Chen disclosed her eyelid surgery, she set off a storm of reaction on social media, including criticism and praise.

KPCC live event: Calif. House members react to Obama's Syria speech (video)

Speaking by phone at an event in the Crawford Family Forum, members of California's Congressional delegation backed President Obama's shift in focus from a military strike.

Thousands vie for 10 open firefighter positions in Pasadena

4,000 people showed up on Monday to take an entrance exam to be a firefighter in Pasadena, even though the fire department has only 10 vacancies.

Status of memorial to Japanese World War 2 detainees faces challenge

A developer is suing L.A. for granting special status to a planned memorial intended to recognize Japanese detained by the U.S. government during World War 2.

Japanese-Americans seek historic status for Tuna Canyon detention station (photos)

A campaign is underway to designate land that once housed a WWII internment camp in the San Fernando Valley as a cultural historic site. KPCC’s Josie Huang reports.

Race and the trial of George Zimmerman

On the first day of the George Zimmerman trial, what did the Rodney King beating trial teach us about race and justice?

Santa Monica shooting: 4 victims and 1 suspect dead, gunman acted alone (updated)

Police said Friday night four people died in a shooting rampage that started at a small home in Santa Monica and spilled onto the campus of Santa Monica College, where police exchanged gunfire with the suspected gunman, who died in the library. Earlier they said six were dead.

South Korea's obsession with plastic surgery

It's estimated that one in five Korean women under 50 go under the scalpel, but the Korean beauty ideal is not unique to Korea.

Colonel Meow and the Internet's obsession with cats

Facebook now boasts millions of profiles not for people, but for pets. One such star joins the show (with his owner) to offer insight on why cats rule the Internet.