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Josie Huang reports on Asian American communities for KPCC. She previously covered housing and immigration for the station. She grew up in Taiwan and Maryland, and worked in public radio and newspapers in New England before joining KPCC in 2012.

Stories by Josie Huang

In Long Beach, the latest crusade for rent control ramps up

Housing advocates on Wednesday filed paperwork with the city of Long Beach to begin the process of getting a rent control initiative on next year's ballot.

Homebuilding is up but affordable housing is far off

L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti says he is two-thirds of the way to his goal to build 100,000 housing units — but not everything is sunshine and roses.

GOP tax plan disproportionately hits SoCal homebuyers

Experts say the GOP tax plan will hit SoCal homebuyers whose mortgage interest deduction would be lowered while homeowners would also be affected.

CA Vegas shooting victims may receive help from 2 states

Survivors and families of those killed in the Oct. 1 shooting can apply for compensation and may receive donations from a fund administered by Clark County, Nevada.

After Vegas shooting, new reality sets in for SoCal family

The Pattersons of Lomita, California, are coping with life without their mother and wife, Lisa, one of 59 killed when a man opened fire on festival goers in Las Vegas a month ago.

More SoCal homes going for asking price

The California Association of Realtors found that homes selling for asking price make up 43 percent of the market compared to 29 percent a year ago.

LA still can't decide how to regulate Airbnb

Officials delay action on a proposal to cap short-term rentals at 180 days as the number of short-term rentals mushrooms.

Property values are rising faster in El Segundo than anywhere else in LA County

You can thank (or blame) tech companies, who have driven a nearly 12 percent increase in values over the past year.

LA's new affordable housing incentives might actually be working

Developers have submitted 19 applications under the city's new affordable housing incentive program created after passage of Measure JJJ.

New LA renter protections in the pipeline

With apartments in short supply, the city is moving toward adding more protections for tenants fearful of being pushed out of their units.

Wages have gone up — but people still can't afford rent

Rents will keep rising over the next two years because the supply of apartments is tight and not enough new housing is being built, a USC study says.

LA developers could be required to pay an affordable housing fee

The City Council's planning committee gave its final approval to a fee on developers that would help pay for subsidized housing.

Affordable housing battle in WeHo could head to high court

West Hollywood's requirement that developers include a certain amount of below-market rate housing is the subject of a court case the U.S. Supreme Court may hear.

Women in Hollywood react to Harvey Weinstein harassment allegations

What does it say about the culture of the film industry that the allegations against the movie mogul never became public until now?

California landlords prep for Gen Z renters

Better technology and more communal spaces are some of the perks landlords hope will lure renters in their teens and early 20s.