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Josie Huang reports on Asian American communities for KPCC. She previously covered housing and immigration for the station. She grew up in Taiwan and Maryland, and worked in public radio and newspapers in New England before joining KPCC in 2012.

Stories by Josie Huang

After a bumpy first week, the case for 'Megyn Kelly Today'

NBC reportedly paid Kelly more than $15 million dollar a year to sign on. But should the network be having second thoughts?

Could an early presidential primary empower California Dems?

Passed by a party-line vote, a bill before Governor Brown would move our voting date up three months to March. Concerns about the bill range from the extension of election season by several months to Democrats having more of a voice in picking candidates.

One expert's advice to US, North Korea's leaders: Stop talking

President Trump and the leader he has dubbed "Rocket Man" may be burning out their fuses, but that's about it, says the director of Korean studies at USC.

Downtown LA developers move closer to Skid Row

A new luxury high-rise is planned near Skid Row, where advocates for the homeless fear it will lead to more criminalization of those living on the streets.

LA is one of the riskiest places to own a house, report says

Los Angeles is third among major cities facing greatest risk of home damage because of natural disasters, according to a new Attom Data Solutions report.

Angelenos are fleeing high-cost California. Where are they going?

They leave for cheaper homes, a better job market and, sometimes, no state income tax. Bye bye, Los Angeles. Hello, Las Vegas.

Survey: Student debt blocking millennials from homeownership

L.A.'s homeownership is among the lowest in the country — and student debt is partly to blame. A new survey found millennials delay homebuying because of their debt.

California passed a new housing package. How much will it help?

Here's what you can build with $250 million in one hand, and $3 billion in the other. And it's not an end to the state's housing crisis.

California cities required to build more housing under key bill

Under S.B. 35, California cities not meeting their state housing goals would be required to expedite some multi-family housing projects.

As DTLA vacancy rises, landlords increase breaks on rent, parking

New construction downtown is continuing to drive up supply, with the vacancy rate now hovering around 12 percent, says real estate research firm CoStar.

California's housing costs are driving its No. 1 poverty ranking

The U.S. Census Bureau ranks California's poverty rate as the country's highest, when factoring in housing and other living costs.

First-gen Chinese-Americans grow influence in philanthropy

A new report shows that the number of Chinese-American foundations increased four-fold between 2000 and 2014 and giving has also grown.

LA Dreamers rebuke Trump administration for ending DACA

Hundreds of DACA supporters attend rallies in downtown Los Angeles after the Trump administration announces it will be killed in six months.

Born out of housing crisis, YIMBYs embrace more development

In Los Angeles, YIMBYs — as the "Yes in My Backyard" proponents call themselves — are hoping to convince Angelenos to support their "build everything" agenda.

Why SoCal is at a tipping point in its housing crisis

KPCC is kicking off a three-day look at Southern California’s housing emergency. We’ve been at a crisis for years, but things are getting worse and impacting all our lives.