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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

LAUSD, charter schools reach deal to end 'game of chicken'

L.A. Unified officials will recommend approval for 11 of 14 charter school requests they'd initially asked the school board to deny, three sources tell KPCC.

Suspension rates drop but racial gaps remain

The decrease comes as educators at every level work to curb disciplinary practices that remove kids from school.

'Game of chicken' could get 14 LAUSD charter schools denied

District officials have asked the L.A. Unified School Board to reject an unprecedented 14 charter school applications during their meeting next Tuesday.

LAUSD asked about Ref Rodriguez-linked deals in 2015

Newly-released documents show that, in 2015, district officials asked the network of charter schools Rodriguez co-founded about a wide range of potential conflicts of interest.

Ref Rodriguez pleads not guilty but refuses to leave the LAUSD board

He has no plans to step back from the school board while he fights felony charges related to an alleged political money-laundering scheme.

The law is murky when it comes to Ref Rodriguez's actions

Are charter schools subject to laws that prevent public officials from personally benefiting from taxpayer dollars? That question has divided lawmakers for years.

Complaints piling up against LAUSD board member Ref Rodriguez

The charter school network Rodriguez co-founded says he may have personally benefited from more than $285,000 of checks drawn from public funds. Read the complaint here.

Netflix CEO gives $75k to LAUSD board member's defense

Netflix founder Reed Hastings, a megadonor to pro-charter school causes, has put up $75,000 to help pay LAUSD board member Ref Rodriguez's legal bills.

LAUSD schools lost more students than expected this year

Student enrollment numbers have decreased yet again in the L.A. Unified School District — and a new headcount shows this year's drop was bigger than anticipated.

LAUSD superintendent takes medical leave, names acting chief

King is recovering from a medical procedure and has been working remotely since Sept. 15. On Saturday, she named an acting superintendent.

Southern California victims of the Las Vegas shooting

The local victims include a Simi Valley school office manager, a Manhattan Beach special education teacher and a Manhattan Beach civilian police employee.

LAUSD's 'pro-charter' board sides against a charter school

Pro-charter school groups hoped a new-look school board might push back against L.A. Unified's charter oversight policies. On Tuesday, board members did not.

Where did Ref Rodriguez get the cash for his alleged money laundering scheme?

L.A. school board member Ref Rodriguez had many public school business dealings when he allegedly laundered campaign funds while running for office.

State test scores level off — and achievement gaps persist

Overall, results on California's English and math tests — taken by high school juniors and third through eighth graders — were largely unchanged from 2016.

Why this Boyle Heights middle school's test scores went up

Educators at Hollenbeck Middle School feel a shift in how they teach is paying dividends in the school's standardized test scores.