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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

LAUSD board selects new president amid Rodriguez controversy

Los Angeles Unified School Board members appointed Mónica García, the board’s longest serving member, to the leadership role Ref Rodriguez vacated last week.

Rodriguez resigns as LAUSD president, will remain on board

Ref Rodriguez is giving up the role of president of the Los Angeles Unified School Board one week after the announcement he’d face felony charges for alleged campaign finance violations.

LAUSD to send extra $150 million to high-needs schools in settlement

L.A. Unified officials have reached a settlement in a long-running legal case that cut to the heart of how California's system for funding K-12 education is working.

LAUSD board president charged with conspiracy over campaign contributions

Los Angeles Unified School Board President Ref Rodriguez and his cousin were charged Wednesday by the L.A. District Attorney's office for allegedly reimbursing almost $25,000 in campaign donations back to donors.

A troubled LA charter school network details plans to reform

Celerity Educational Group leaders say they have a plan in place to right the ship — and on Tuesday, the L.A. Unified School Board tentatively blessed that plan.

Are LAUSD grads leaving high schools ready for college?

On Tuesday, the L.A. Unified School Board may call on staff to deliver a broad-ranging report on the district's college readiness data by January.

Need an immigration lawyer? Some LA schools can refer you

Some schools offer to connect families with immigration attorneys — an offer that's taken on new salience after President Trump's DACA decision Tuesday.

DACA: California schools step up legal, counseling support

California schools are stepping up their legal and counseling teams in the wake of the decision to end Obama-era protections for young immigrants who lack documentation.

La Tuna Fire, one of the largest in LA history, burns thousands of acres

The La Tuna Fire continues to burn near Burbank, Glendale and Sun Valley, scorching at least 5,800 acres of brush. The fire was about 10% contained, authorities said late Saturday.

Why do charter schools' vaccination rates lag so far behind?

Behind the numbers in a KPCC data analysis that found students in public charter schools were less likely to be vaccinated than their peers in district-run schools.

Dispute over LBUSD's spending on high-needs students escalates

The escalation draws fresh attention to a fundamental disagreement about how the state's five-year-old school funding law ought to work.

LA schools watched the eclipse — both indoors and outdoors

"We're not going to take a risk," one Los Angeles school's principal said — of a child wearing faulty glasses, or of a child refusing to wear them.

LAUSD's days of drastic anti-overcrowding measures are over

The last of 131 new schools meant to relieve overcrowding in LAUSD finally opened Tuesday, allowing another LAUSD school to drop its year-round calendar.

New jobs, new schools, new grades: LAUSD's new year has begun

To mark the first day of school in L.A. Unified, KPCC is sharing the stories of three educators breaking new ground or breaking routine in the 2017-18 school year.

More LAUSD students finishing courses required for California colleges

L.A. Unified requires students to finish all courses needed to enroll in a UC or CSU school. This year, more students finished — but not always with the best grades.