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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

Long Beach schools face challenge on funding for high-needs kids

The complaint formally accuses Long Beach Unified School District officials of spending state funding intended for high-need students on district-wide expenses.

2 charter schools oversight bills surface in Sacramento

Two bills in Sacramento would apply state open records and open meetings laws, as well as an ethics law, to the few charter schools that don't already follow them.

White parents still live near mostly white schools, study says

White kids in the U.S.'s largest cities continue to have mostly-white neighbors — in large part because their parents want to send them to mostly-white schools.

The long road to college from the high school 'at-risk' list

This at-risk ninth grader made his school's "focus list" and then promised to stop skipping class and boost his grades. What will it take to get him into college?

Here's how LAUSD spends money intended for 'high-need' kids

Per-pupil spending in high schools with high concentrations of needy students is going up. But in elementary and middle schools, spending lags behind.

LA Unified alerts central office staff to possible cuts

L.A. Unified school officials seem serious about slashing the district's central office budget by $86.5 million — a cut of roughly 25 percent.

About that supposed $1 billion-plus LA Unified budget deficit…

By 2018-19, L.A. Unified's budget will be in the red — but, according to new projections, perhaps not as far in the red as an ad from the last election suggested.

What's behind record spending in LA school board primary

The charter schools-versus-teachers union narrative has gotten so familiar in L.A. that it's easy to forget why the battle exists — and why it matters to families.

LA county, city elections deliver low turnout, major changes

In semi-official returns, L.A. County and city voters approve Measure H homeless tax, reject the Measure S development proposal and re-elect Mayor Eric Garcetti.

How to campaign in a wide-open, low-turnout LAUSD board race

It's hard to win historically low-turnout L.A. school board elections. But East Valley candidates face an added challenge: break out of a crowded field.

Fact-checking LA's most negative school board race in years

Outside money have come to dominate school board races in L.A. Unified. Now, more of those expenditures are going negative than ever before

LA teachers union accused of skirting campaign finance rules

A candidate in next week’s L.A. Unified School Board primary says union "issue ads" are actually campaign ads whose cost should have been disclosed.

Feds won't file charges in LAUSD iPad program

A 2014 KPCC investigation revealed close communications between then-superintendent John Deasy and executives at Pearson before the contract had been awarded.

Whittier police officer fatally shot after traffic accident

As one of the drivers was being patted down, he pulled out a handgun and opened fire, authorities said. The shooter may also be a suspect in a homicide committed earlier in the day.

#NotMyPresidentsDay protest draws anti-Trump crowd in LA

Monday's rally at L.A. City Hall was the latest demonstration against Trump's agenda and policies. Similar rallies were held in cities around the country.