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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

LA school board race: Charter allies earn a gold star in fundraising

Candidates have already raised almost twice as much as had been raised at this time four years ago, when these three L.A. Unified School Board seats were last up.

Supe to LAUSD board: ‘Get moving' on approving 3-year plan

L.A. Unified school board members appear poised to sign off on Supt. Michelle King's strategic plan, which she retooled to emphasize a "100 percent graduation" goal.

California schools are having trouble finding qualified teachers

Three out of four California school districts struggle to find enough qualified applicants for open teaching jobs, according to a new survey.

Poor students may not have worse teachers

Evidence that poor students have more ineffective teachers was a centerpiece of the Vergara court case. A new study says that might not be true in every school district.

Student protest walkouts won't cost LAUSD (more than usual)

From the district's count of full-day absences, one would have no idea thousands of LAUSD students had walked out to protest Donald Trump's victory.

LAUSD's stand on undocumented kids

Will L.A. Unified's pledge to resist against any attempt to turn its data stores against undocumented students work? Could its federal funding be at risk?

LAUSD board would resist if Trump came after student data

The district’s school board pledged Tuesday to resist attempts to use student data to enforce deportations “to the fullest extent provided by the law.”

Sen.-elect Harris prioritizes immigration, criminal justice

“There are a lot of people…who are feeling dispirited at best," Harris said Thursday. "Part of what we are here to say is, ‘You are not alone. You matter.’”

Republican Rep. Knight re-elected as Caforio concedes

Democrats had spent heavily in the race for the 25th Congressional District, seeing Knight as vulnerable, but by late Wednesday morning challenger Bryan Caforio was congratulating his opponent.

If Prop 58 fails, LAUSD still plans more bilingual offerings

L.A. Unified brought 12 new multilingual education programs online this school year. Next year, the district expects to add another dozen or so.

Teachers union wants no part of charter group's LAUSD grant

United Teachers Los Angeles said the grants amounted to token offerings for L.A. Unified schools who have already lost a lot to competition with charter schools.

How charter school advocates became top campaign spenders

No organization in the state has spent more outside money in the 2016 election cycle than two pro-charter committees. They've spent $17 million on state contests.

Can LAUSD fairly oversee the charters it competes against?

L.A. Unified leaders say their process is fair, but charter school advocates say letting school districts oversee charters is letting the fox guard the henhouse.

LAUSD board rejects 5 charter schools' renewal requests

L.A. Unified has routinely approved most charter schools' renewal and "material revision" requests since 2011. Tuesday night was a different story.

El Camino school will keep charter, principal to step down

Principal Dave Fehte's use of a school credit card became a key part of an LAUSD inquiry. He'll resign next week as part of a deal to save El Camino's charter.