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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

LA civic leaders pledge to fight homelessness — and NIMBYism

Winning millions in tax hikes was the easy part of solving homelessness in L.A. The next step: convince residents to support affordable housing in their neighborhoods.

2 months later, Montecito slowly rebuilds from mudslide

Rebuilding the town is proving to be slow work. After the mudslide, officials found 246 structures that were unsafe to enter. Now, 210 of these remain red-tagged.

LAUSD paid for 4,000 kids to take the SAT

Juniors on 29 campuses from South L.A. to San Pedro got a break from their classes to take the college prep exam — for free.

LA Metro figured out how to scan for weapons — without the lines

Body scanners in L.A.'s transit stations? Metro and TSA are testing technology that could make it possible — without the need to erect an airport-style checkpoint.

Have ideas to make LAUSD schools safer? Tell this panel

In the wake of the deadly Florida high school shooting, a blue ribbon panel will gather this spring to ask, "Are students in L.A. schools as safe as they can be?"

East LA Walkouts: 50 years later, 'the fight isn't over'

Three participants in the East Los Angeles high school walkouts remember, in their own words, a pivotal moment in the history of L.A. and the Chicano movement.

Union for 30,000 LAUSD workers begins talking 'strike'

If SEIU Local 99's rank-and-file vote to strike, the union's bargaining team would have the power to call a work stoppage "as early as this school year."

Does rebuilding LA's Roosevelt High mean razing its history?

L.A. Unified says the proposed $173 million "modernization" for the Boyle Heights campus is long overdue. Some alumni worry the district is bulldozing history.

LA's Locke High is improving — but is it still 'failing'?

The latest plan to turn the school around is now in its 10th year and, despite obvious improvements, skeptics say it still fails too many kids.

Castro incident sheds fresh light on LAUSD's security policy

A gun incident at an LAUSD middle school bears eery similarity to the death that sparked the first random searches for weapons and drugs in district schools.

LAUSD board tries to get on same page before search for new leader

L.A. Unified board members met to take the first substantive steps in their process of finding a new superintendent — their sixth in the last decade.

Ventura County officials: Thomas Fire alert system worked as intended

Some Ojai residents say they didn't get evacuation alerts during the Thomas Fire. But county officials say the system works fine.

LAUSD-union deal takes small step to cut huge health costs

As part of a tentative deal with its eight employee unions, L.A. Unified will freeze the amount it pays each year for healthcare at $1 billion for three years.

California makes 2nd attempt to meet federal education law

A state panel voted to send a new draft plan to the U.S. Department of Education — but with few of the substantive changes the feds seem to have called for.

The LAUSD students who need bilingual education most aren't signing up

Of L.A. Unified's 150,000 English learners, only 6 percent have enrolled in a dual language program so far — despite evidence of huge potential benefits.