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Larry Mantle has been the host of AirTalk on KPCC since April 1st, 1985. It is now the longest continuously running daily talk program in the Los Angeles radio market. Mantle also hosts the movie review and interview program FilmWeek on AirTalk, heard every Friday at 11 a.m. on KPCC and Saturday at noon.

A fourth-generation Angeleno, Larry has interviewed thousands of prominent guests on an extraordinary array of topics, and received many journalistic awards in the process. Larry grew up in southwest Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Hollywood. He's a graduate of Hollywood High School and Vanguard University of Southern California. Larry and his wife Kristen are the parents of Desmond.

Stories by Larry Mantle

Can Parental Intuition Be Trusted?

As I was talking with the co-author of "Natureshock: New Thinking About Children," I couldn't help wondering if there was such a thing as "natural" or "intuitive" parenting. For many of us, I suspect we think of child-rearing as having a strong instinctive component.

Obama the Orator

As I've said several times on air, I take particular pleasure in hearing the President deliver prepared speeches. I think he's a superb speaker, but even better writer. I don't mean to trivialize the content of his message or to endorse what he's saying.

Cargo traffic down at Southland ports

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach generate nearly $200 billion in trade a year. But cargo traffic at both ports has dropped during the recession. L.A. Business Journal editor Charles Crumpley says more challenges lie ahead.

How does decline in consumer debt affect American economy?

Americans reduced their debt by more than $21 billion in July. The Federal Reserve reports that this is the largest month-to-month decline in consumer debt in 66 years.

What Will He Say?

That's the question many of us who are riveted on the healthcare reform debate are asking. President Obama addresses a joint session of Congress and interested Americans Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.

Bacardi family story is the story of modern Cuba

A couple of days ago, the Obama administration formally lifted travel restrictions on families in this country who wish to visit their relatives in Cuba. One Cuban family with a famous name is the subject of NPR correspondent Tom Gjelten’s new book, "Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba: The Biography of a Cause."

Fried food king holds court at LA County Fair

If you’re craving a deep-fried Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, you can find one for the next month at the Fairplex in Pomona. That’s where the Los Angeles County Fair opens Saturday.

"President Obama Wants to Indoctrinate Our Kids"

So went the criticism from conservative talk show hosts and some parents, who were outraged that the President would choose to directly address students on next Tuesday's first day of school.

T. R. Reid and Healthcare Abroad

This morning, Washington Post correspondent T. R. Reid argued that the U. S. has a lot to learn from other country's healthcare systems. He claimed that people pay less for care elsewhere, even with their significantly higher taxes, and that costs are increasing more slowly there than here.

Trutanich Takes on Taggers

The Los Angeles City Attorney talked with us this morning about his plan to seek an injunction against tagging crews congregating on the streets. The ACLU questions the constitutionality of the idea and will probably fight any attempt to implement it.

LA city attorney is after graffiti taggers

The Los Angeles city attorney wants police to be able to arrest graffiti taggers for hanging out with one another, regardless of whether they’ve committed a crime.

Station Fire affects popular hiking trails

The San Gabriel Mountains contain some of the Southland’s most popular hiking trails, but people likely won’t be able to get to them for awhile.

Tide turning in fight against Station Fire

Firefighters have built a line around almost a quarter of the area the Station Fire has burned, but they still have about 95 miles of fire line to build, mostly at the eastern end of the fire near the San Gabriel Wilderness Area.

Good News on Station Fire

It's great to hear that progress is being made on this huge fire, and that so many can return to their homes. As I write, the fire is 22% contained, so still a long way to go. However, we'll take the significant accomplishment.

Station Fire's erratic behavior heightens threat to homeowners

Steve Whitmore of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says that, unlike previous fires, there's less time from an evacuation order to when residents need to be out of their homes. More.