Leo Duran

Producer and Reporter, Take Two

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Leo Duran is a producer and reporter for KPCC’s Take Two. Leo works to find regular people with extraordinary takes on the day’s news.

Leo came to KPCC in October 2012 from the nationally-syndicated program "The Takeaway," where he performed nearly every single job since its launch except host. Leo helped to develop the show’s fast-paced conversational style and the innovative use of listener-interaction — while not getting a lot of sleep.

Leo got his start in public media as a listener to Wisconsin Public Radio, eventually leading its morning drive-time program, "The Joy Cardin Show."

He’s a University of Wisconsin graduate, an avid biker and baker, and plans to avoid buying a car for as long as he can in L.A.

Stories by Leo Duran

The dying art of hand-painted billboards is alive in Los Angeles (photos)

When billboards do their job right, they get your attention. Rarely do they inspire you to say, “wow!” In downtown Los Angeles, though, there’s a great reason to look up.

'Valentine Road' examines the tragic killing of 15-year-old Larry King

The case may be closed, but the tragedy leaves many questions behind. Questions raised in the new documentary "Valentine Road," which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Cheech Marin on Chicano art and 'Chicanitas'

Cheech Marin isn't just an actor, but an art collector. He talks about his love of Chicano art, especially small pieces.

'Raising My Rainbow' highlights the challenges of raising a gender-creative child

Orange County mom Lori Duron dreamed of having a girl to dress up and play dolls with. Turns out her dream came true in a very different way.

LGBT service members still fighting for benefits

When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last June, that was supposed to clear the way for same-sex married couples to obtain federal benefits. But LGBT service members are still fighting that battle.

Understanding the fight over California prisons

The debate over prison overcrowding and solitary confinement is still continuing with neither side looking like they will back down. We’ll try and have a better understanding about the issues with a roundtable discussion about the issue.

The contested murder of Latasha Harlins

The LA Riots may have been sparked by the acquittal of officers who beat Rodney King, but UCLA's Brenda Stevenson explains how the overshadowed death of black teenager Latasha Harlins in 1991 set the stage for violence against Korean-Americans

What's the deal with those comically long CVS receipts? (Poll)

If you've purchased something lately from CVS using your ExtraCare card, it's a good chance you've left the store with a receipt almost as long as you are tall.

Poll: Only 40 percent of whites have friends outside their race

Author Tanner Colby explains why most white Americans tend to only have friends of the same race.

'LA Adventures': Finding hidden treasures and day tripping by train

It might not be comparable to New York's subway system, but it's still possible to discover LA by train. KPCC's Leo Duran takes us on a tour.

Picture This: Documenting grandma's home cooking from around the world

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti wanted to show his own grandmother that he could survive his global trip without her cooking by having other grandmothers cook for him.

'Real World' star and AIDS activist Sean Sasser dead at 44

Almost 20 years before gay marriage became legal in California, he traded wedding bands with his partner Sean Sasser, who was also HIV-positive.

Saying goodbye to the X-Games in LA (Photos)

After 10 years, the X-Games leaves LA. But it could not have grown popular without the people of Southern California.

LA gay bars boycott Stoli, other Russian vodka brands

Gay pride events there have been scarred with violence and last month the country passed a law where tourists or foreigners could be arrested for being perceived as gay or "pro-gay." In response, gay columnist Dan Savage called for a nation-wide boycott of Stoli and other Russian vodkas.

National gay blood drive to raise awareness of FDA restrictions

Great strides have recently been made when it comes to gay rights, but there are still plenty of situations in which homosexuals are treated differently from their heterosexual counterparts.