Leo Duran

Producer and Reporter, Take Two

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Leo Duran is a producer and reporter for KPCC’s Take Two. Leo works to find regular people with extraordinary takes on the day’s news.

Leo came to KPCC in October 2012 from the nationally-syndicated program "The Takeaway," where he performed nearly every single job since its launch except host. Leo helped to develop the show’s fast-paced conversational style and the innovative use of listener-interaction — while not getting a lot of sleep.

Leo got his start in public media as a listener to Wisconsin Public Radio, eventually leading its morning drive-time program, "The Joy Cardin Show."

He’s a University of Wisconsin graduate, an avid biker and baker, and plans to avoid buying a car for as long as he can in L.A.

Stories by Leo Duran

No Place Like LA: Jen, the LA Lady

What was your own moment that you realized L.A. truly felt like home?

Can stray animals be saved by this 14-foot tall robo-dog?

The new Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista is decked out with the latest tech, and represents the new wave in how shelters are trying to capture adopters' attentions.

Homelessness is booming mostly in LA. Why?

If you thought homelessness is booming throughout SoCal, think again. L.A. County's population shot up 23 percent, but they only went up slightly in Orange and fell a little bit in San Bernardino.

Resist March replaces LA Pride Parade — and some resist the change

Organizers say the Resist March brings the LGBT movement back to its protesting roots. But others worry that it's too political or not political enough.

Panda Express wants to redefine what Chinese food is to Americans

There's more to Chinese food than orange chicken, and Panda Express wants to introduce recipes from the San Gabriel Valley to customers nationwide

6 things to do this weekend in SoCal

The weekend is here and it's looking pretty good. Choose from a food festival in an airplane hangar, a celebration of bugs, a nighttime festival and more.

In California, some foster children get arrested for lashing out

California's foster youth might act out because of their circumstances. But in some state shelters and group homes, they are arrested instead of counseled.

6 ways to win this Mother's Day weekend in SoCal

Choose from any of these pampering options for the mother figure in your life (or you can go solo), from an outdoor woodland creature circus performance, a fashion bake sale and more.

Hikes to the Hollywood sign have left a trail of lawsuits

The Hollywood sign was never designed to be an attraction that could be hiked to. One path just closed, and there isn't a clear, easy alternative.

Latasha Harlins' death and why Korean-Americans were targets in the '92 riots

Tensions between blacks and Koreans in L.A. were high by the 90s. But Latasha Harlins' death in 1991 assured that Koreans would be targeted when the time came.

LA's Museum of Ice Cream: Where your next great selfie comes from

It's not really a museum, per se, but it IS a great place to sample ice creams and take pictures.

Here's some financial planning advice for Tax Day

Need more time to file your taxes? Thinking about selling your home to buy a new one? And will Trump's policies change what you owe?

An update to the fight against homelessness in LA and Orange counties

After years of watching the problem get worse and debating solutions, L.A. and Orange counties are getting serious about trying to resolve issues of homelessness.

Does Skid Row need its own neighborhood council?

A council is a neighborhood's direct line to city hall. Skid Row activists say breaking away from the DTLA council will increase how much their own issues are heard.

Need help understanding what Devin Nunes did?

Democrats say the Republican should step down from the House Intelligence Committee that he helps to lead. But what exactly did Nunes do to make them mad?