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Southern California is home to many new immigrants -- about a third of L.A. County residents are foreign born. Immigrants are creating an evolving definition of "American." I will deepen the understanding of how immigrants are changing the region and how L.A. changes immigrants.

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In the news this morning: Immigration in the midterms, a response to Quran burning, help for Homeboy Industries and more

Midterms imperil immigration bill - Carrie Budoff Brown - POLITICO.com (The Politico)

American snapshot: Glassell Park

Where kielbasa meets crispy pata: A Polish restaurant and a Filipino restaurant side by side in a Glassell Park mini-mall.

Immigration and nativism, in historical context

Author Peter Schrag has an interesting piece published today in the Immigration Policy Center's "Perspectives" series, narratives written by academics and researchers on the topic of immigration.

Back in the spotlight: The 14th Amendment

The back-and-forth over the 14th Amendment has recently bubbled back to the top of the immigration-debate cauldron. Until now, the talk of eliminating the constitutional right to U.

For the late-morning second cup: Croatian mariachi


In the news this morning: The 14th Amendment, Muslim women speak out, and more headlines from the weekend

Congress may look at ‘birthright citizenship' debate  | ajc.com (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Five great reads this week, in case you missed them

A few stories and essays stood out this week, providing insight on recent news events, such as the tragic migrant slayings near the Texas border in Mexico, or shedding light on the little-known, as did a standout NPR piece on a new book that analyzes the onetime iconic film character Charlie Chan through the lens of the cultural and racial politics of his era.

A Muslim NYC firefighter on the events of 9/11


Longest waits for immigrant visas: September

Every month, Multi-American is posting the longest current waits as listed in the U.S. State Department’s monthly Visa Bulletin.

In the news this morning: No Quran burning, a calm fourth night in Westlake, Eid holiday tomorrow, and more

Essayist: Before Burning Quran, Know What's In It : NPR (NPR)

Immigrant poet captures 'The Art of Exile'


The two big updates of the afternoon


And now that 'Los Doyers' is trademarked...

Yesterday I posted on the trademarking of "Los Doyers," the Dodgers nickname resulting from the team's name being mispronounced in Spanish. Now, LA Observed reports that a website that sold "Los Doyers" merchandise prior to the trademark was recently asked to stop selling it.

Westlake unrest dubbed 'LA Machete Riots' by immigration restriction group


In the news this morning: Trafficked farmworkers, arrests in Mexico migrant slayings, 37 held in drop house, and more

Thai farmworkers describe being lured into slavery in U.S. - latimes.com (Los Angeles Times)