Leslie Berestein Rojas

Editor, Diverse Communities

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Leslie Berestein Rojas edits a team of reporters focused on diverse communities in Southern California, which is home to many new immigrants.

She previously covered immigrant and emerging communities and ran KPCC's Multi-American blog, which covered that topic.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

Anti-SB 1070 banners hang from Hollywood Freeway this morning

Photo by Paulina Gonzalez

DREAM Act hunger strikers enter sixth day

Photo by xomiele/Flickr (Creative Commons)

'Are you part of the shadow economy?'

Photo by Nathan Gibbs/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Patt Morrison explores 'food deserts' in South L.A


American snapshot: Artesia

Photo by Leslie Berestein Rojas/KPCC

Border series explores economic and other facets of illegal immigration

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While eyes are on Phoenix, a grim story unfolds to the south

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KPCC is headed to Arizona next week


The legacy of a border road sign

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ICE introduces online detainee locator tool

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In the news this morning

With Arizona's SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration law set to take effect next week - and legal challenges to the measure being heard in court - much of the news this morning is out of Arizona.

American snapshot: Echo Park

A resident makes a statement from the front porch

Rage Against the Machine, Ry Cooder raise funds to fight Arizona immigration law

Scott Penner, Flickr

How Arizona's SB 1070 plays in California

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As multi-American as apple pie and tamales

Photo by Joe Goldberg/Flickr (Creative Commons)