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Southern California is home to many new immigrants -- about a third of L.A. County residents are foreign born. Immigrants are creating an evolving definition of "American." I will deepen the understanding of how immigrants are changing the region and how L.A. changes immigrants.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

LA street vending moves ahead. Here's what you need to know

The move to legalize vendors, more than four years in the making, got City Council approval. It does not include a controversial provision that would have given nearby brick-and-mortar business owners the power to veto vendor licenses.

This LA way station for WWII detainees gets a historical marker 76 years after closing

More than 2,000 immigrants, mostly Japanese but also Italian and German, were held there before many were sent to internment camps during WWII. Advocates for the designation want the historic monument to eventually extend into an oak grove, where the buildings actually stood.

Immigration judge orders release of street vendor who became rallying point

A street vendor arrested in San Bernardino County for selling corn without a license now faces deportation. She was held for six months before an immigration judge ordered her release on $1,500 bail.

These 2 state bills aim to crack down on shady rehab practices

Southern California is a hub for substance abuse treatment facilities. It’s a lucrative industry – and this has led to unsavory practices, patient advocates say.

Can LA sit down at the dinner table and get honest about race?

The dinner is free. But the guests need to come ready to get real about a topic that makes most people very uncomfortable: race and racism. It's a conversation that will take place 100 times over five days later this month all over Los Angeles.

The heat of the 90s is alive in Southern California

It's a spring fling with summerlike temperatures in Southern California on Monday.

What you need to know about where DACA stands now

On Easter, Trump tweeted "NO MORE DACA DEAL." So what's the status of people currently protected from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?

Refugee admissions to US have plummeted. Here's what that looks like in SoCal

More than 1,200 refugees from Iran were resettled in Glendale in the last full fiscal year of the Obama administration. In the past six months, the number is 10.

Los Alamitos moves ahead on 'anti-sanctuary' ordinance

Other cities could follow Los Alamitos' lead as it seeks to opt out of the state law that restricts police cooperation with immigration agents. But the issue could wind up in the courts.

Long Beach is latest local city to adopt sanctuary ordinance

The decision comes as the Trump administration slams state and local polices in California that limit police cooperation with immigration agents.

Who hosted Trump's Beverly Hills fundraiser?

Businessman Edward Glazer is hosting President Trump’s tightly-guarded Beverly Hills fundraiser Tuesday in the gated Beverly Park community off Mulholland Drive.

Immigration issues drive pro- and anti-Trump debate

The president's visit to Southern California gives those on both sides of the immigration debate a chance to rally for a slew of issues, including DACA and refugees.

The 3 California laws that sparked a lawsuit

The suit says California is deliberately trying to obstruct immigration enforcement with these recently passed laws. Here's what they do.

Vietnamese immigrants facing deportation sue for release

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Vietnamese immigrants who came to the country to escape their war-torn country and are now being detained by the government.

What the Supreme Court ruling means for DACA recipients

How does the U.S. Supreme Court's DACA decision affect young unauthorized immigrants with temporary work permits and deportation protection through the program?