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Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter

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Leslie Berestein Rojas is KPCC's Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter.

An award-winning journalist with several years’ experience reporting on immigration issues, Berestein Rojas most recently covered immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has retraced the steps of migrants along desert smuggling trails, investigated immigrant detention contractors, and told the stories of families left behind in Mexico’s migrant-sending towns.

A native of Cuba raised in Los Angeles, Leslie has also written for Time, People, the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. She has reported from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

DOMA ruling good for bi-national couples, but issues remain

With the Defense of Marriage Act struck down, same-sex couples are now eligible for federal immigration benefits. But some may still encounter legal snags.

In immigration news: Border amendment moves forward, how many votes Senate bill needs, immigrants and wages, more

Monday's 67-27 cloture vote on a border security amendment to the Senate immigration reform bill offered a glimpse of the support the bill is likely to get when it comes up for a vote. This and more.

Senate test vote seen as a boost to immigration reform bill

An amendment to the Senate immigration reform bill, that would heavily increase border security, passed 67-27 on a test vote. Many see it as boosting the bill's chances of passing.

In immigration news: Senate to vote on border amendment, SCOTUS affirmative action decision, long waits for green cards, more

A critical vote is scheduled for Monday on a border amendment that could determine the Senate immigration bill's chances for success. This and more.

Family visas: Who waits longest, and what could change

The wait times for family-based immigrant visas don't vary much, but changes could come as proposals come and go in the Senate.

In immigration news: Details of Senate's border security plan, White House's 'stealth' immigration campaign, more

A border security amendment to the Senate immigration bill would still let people living in the U.S. illegally seek provisional legal status, but they would not be able to obtain green cards until the security goals are met. This and more.

'Border surge' plan affects path to citizenship

The so-called path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants stands to face further hurdles, in light of an agreement announced Thursday in the Senate.

In immigration news: A border security deal, lawsuit over ICE 'detainers,' a forgotten Japanese American detention station, more

Senate lawmakers are soon expected to announced a border security compromise that could draw more GOP support for a bipartisan immigration reform plan. This and more.

Lawsuit seeks to change how ICE agents issue immigration 'detainers'

Class-action lawsuit alleges that federal agents place immigration holds on people arrested without thoroughly checking their immigration status.

Bi-national couples: What next if court rules against DOMA?

A lot is at stake for same-sex couples with a foreign partner when the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the Defense of Marriage Act.

In immigration news: House panel approves enforcement bill, how Senate bill could reduce deficit, more

The House Judiciary Committee has approved a controversial bill that increases criminal penalties for illegal entry and presence, and would let state and local governments set their own immigration policies. This and more.

House immigration bill: What does it bode for reform?

The tone of an strict immigration enforcement bill being weighed in Congress is a far cry from the reform bill pending in the Senate.

In immigration news: A controversial proposal in the House, ICE chief resigns, a generational divide on reform, DACA a year later, more

The House is taking up an immigration bill whose backers say would prevent future illegal immigration, but critics say it would criminalize people already in the country illegally. This and more.

In immigration news: Supreme Court blocks AZ voter proof-of-citizenship law, 7-11 immigration raids, more

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against an Arizona measure requiring additional proof of citizenship from voters. This and more

Update: Moderate candidate wins presidential vote in Iran, per interior minister

Iran's interior minister says moderate candidate Hasan Rowhani has won more than 50 percent of more than 36 million votes cast in Friday's election.