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In Southern California, the political system is changing in front of us, from how we vote to who is running for office. I cut through the jargon and provide a “road map” for navigating our democratic process. My coverage aims to help you understand important elections, untangle policies that impact your life, and find ways to get your voice heard.

Stories by Libby Denkmann

LA County wants 'battle buddies' network to help veterans

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors asked for a plan to create a peer network for veterans to help other veterans connect to housing, legal help and more.

How yoga and mindfulness are helping veterans in LA

Los Angeles could serve as a model in an agency-wide transformation offering VA patients mindfulness and other techniques to manage challenges like pain and PTSD.

Extreme weather could be hurting California's military bases

Climate change is still a political hot button, but the Pentagon is preparing for the worst with a recent survey of military bases.

How a Trump executive order will tackle veteran suicides

VA Secretary David Shulkin has pledged to reduce veteran suicides. Critics say there are questions about how the troubled agency will expand services.

Troops face a big retirement choice in 2018. Are they ready?

1.7 million members of the military must decide whether to opt-in to the new Blended Retirement System, which takes financial savvy they may not be prepared with.

Can veterans be penalized for using pot? Answer is hazy

KPCC asked the VA to clarify if veterans could face repercussions for using recreational pot. We're still waiting for an answer.

After 15 years, deported Marine Corps veteran is home for Christmas

Marine Corps veteran Marco Chavez hugged his father at the border crossing in San Diego on Thursday, when he stepped onto American soil for the first time since his deportation 15 years ago.

Altadena man files claim after Pasadena police break his leg

A man involved in a Nov. 9 traffic stop at an Altadena gas station says Pasadena Police officers beat him repeatedly. He filed a claim for damages Wednesday.

LA ethics panel wants more transparency from lobbyists

Among the proposed rules: lobbyists would have to disclose the dates they were in contact with L.A. city officials and the titles of those officials.

An original Rosie the Riveter takes flight

After a half-century career building airplanes, 98 year old Elinor Otto was honored with a special military flight out of March Air Reserve Base in Riverside.

Kagel Canyon residents happy to return home after Creek Fire

After three nights in a Red Cross shelter because of the Creek Fire, one resident of Kagel Canyon shared her journey home with KPCC reporter Libby Denkmann.

Female diplomats and military service members say MeToo

More than 200 women in the national security field have signed a letter, co-authored by an LA local, calling out workplaces that silence and demean women.

UCLA opens new veterans support centers in West LA

To keep Bruins baseball playing at Jackie Robinson Stadium at the VA campus in West L.A., UCLA agreed to expand veteran services there.

Defense bill could lead to more regulation of chemicals in some SoCal drinking water

The CDC would get $7 million to test the safety of chemicals used in firefighting foam at military bases and civilian airfields. Studies indicate the compounds may cause cancer.

The plan to get women vets to use more health services

Women veterans don't use VA health care services as much as men. Many say they delay getting care. A pilot program in L.A. County is trying to change that.