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More military veterans live in Southern California than anywhere else in the nation. I tell their stories -- from those who excel after discharge to those who falter. How is America supporting its commitment to veterans and their families? How are we falling short?

Stories by Libby Denkmann

Inland Empire airports look to spread their wings

Southern California travelers usually have to look west when booking departure flights. But LAX, John Wayne, and even Burbank Bob Hope Airport are all quite a hike for air travelers from inland counties.

'Promise,' 'Ottoman Lieutenant' take Armenian genocide to the screen

The recent films feature very different accounts of Turkey's history and involvement with death of 1.5 million Armenians during WWI.

Facing 'harshest spotlight in Washington,' Nunes steps back from Russia

Rep. Devin Nunes is stepping aside from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. Politico's Carla Marinucci explains how we got here.

The breakdown: What the primary for Becerra's seat reveals about CA Dems

Some speculated that the race could offer hints about the direction of the Democratic Party. Hint: Progressives are definitely in the driver's seat.

Here's how to protect yourself from sneaky phone call scams

You may have received a call in recent weeks where, after a delay, the person on the other end fumbles their headset and asks “Are you there?” Don't answer "Yes."

Does Skid Row need its own neighborhood council?

A council is a neighborhood's direct line to city hall. Skid Row activists say breaking away from the DTLA council will increase how much their own issues are heard.

There's lots of sex in 'Harlots' but it's really a show about economics

"Harlots" co-creator Moira Buffini on how London was the sex capital of the world in the 1760s and why her show imagines that world from the POV of the women who worked it.

Producer Danger Mouse goes back in time for 'Resistance Radio'

His most recent project is a soundtrack for the early '60s dystopian world in the Amazon series, "The Man In the High Castle.”

California's Schiff, Nunes lead nation's most-watched investigation

Their backgrounds couldn't be more different. Now, the two California lawmakers must work through a high-stakes probe. Meet the Intelligence Committee's leading men.

How an Inglewood teacher creates a safe space for blacks to talk

Rosalind Henderson, a 27-year veteran teacher, was motivated by recent high profile cases of unarmed black men killed by police to create a forum to talk about race.

A Tale of Two Town Halls

Right now it's pretty quiet on Capitol Hill because elected officials are on recess, and this is usually a time where they come back to their districts and chat with their constituents about what's on their minds. And the the town halls they do it at don't usually get a lot of press, until now.

TV networks aim for quality over quantity this pilot season

Pressure from cable channels and streaming giants have pulled audiences away from broadcast TV and those networks are now choosing pilots carefully.

A new study puts some numbers to Hollywood's issues with ageism

The co-authors of a new study talk about the issues that crop up with portrayals of senior citizens, and how Hollywood can be more inclusive moving forward.

Inauguration, CA's budget error, and how CA views Trump

Who is and isn't going to the inauguration, "the first California casualty of the Trump presidency," and the $1.5 billion accounting error in the state budget.

Carl's Jr. workers raise concerns about Andrew Puzder

Current and former Carl's Jr. employees are voicing their concerns about Mr. Puzder's ability to represent and protect them as Labor Secretary.