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Associate Editor, LAist

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Lisa Brenner is the associate editor for LAist at KPCC.

Lisa joined KPCC in December 2011. Prior to that she led content direction as co-editor of LAist, many moons before KPCC bought it.

Lisa has written and produced arts, culture and news content for print and online publications, including MTV, Glamour and, where she previously served as Music Editor and Managing Editor of the entertainment and lifestyle website.

She worked on the 20th Century Fox studio lot in creative licensing for Fox Music publishing, where she co-created the department's first online store and mined the musical catalogue of film scores, TV themes and soundtracks. Prior to Fox, she coordinated large-scale film, commercial and music video productions.

Lisa earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and television. Her dad says she majored in watching TV. He's not wrong.

Stories by Lisa Brenner

Phyllis Diller, groundbreaking comedian, dies (videos, photos)

Phyllis Diller, the legendary humorist credited with cackling the path for many female comics, died at her Brentwood home in Los Angeles on Monday. She was 95.

Singing the same tune: Pizza Hut, Home Depot deny Black Keys claims

Attorneys for Pizza Hut and Home Depot separately denied accusations that music by The Black Keys was improperly used in ads to sell specialty pies and power tools.

Male birth control pill gets closer to the medicine cabinet

Male birth control pill researchers say they've found a drug that's man enough to possibly mingle with medicine cabinets someday.

Space lasers: Curiosity to fire at unsuspecting Martian rock

NASA takes the figurative phasers off stun as Curiosity, the world's coolest remote control vehicle, prepares to fire a space laser at an unsuspecting Martian rock.

EBay will no longer do your magical bidding: Hexes banned

Come September, the agoraphobic alchemists of the world will need to find a new online auction site to bid on the supernatural wares of the netherworld.

Scenes from a drain: Echo Park Lake construction tour

A hard hat tour of drained Echo Park Lake drew public participants, reporters, and city employees to the multimillion dollar pile of dirt, concrete and rocks.

Lanes reopened after big rig crash on N 405 freeway [Updated]

The accident near the 405/101 connector has caused a near total shut down of northbound lanes on the notoriously busy 405 freeway.

Los Feliz, lock your doors and windows

Los Feliz is currently on LAPD's radar for a number of nighttime sexual assaults and burglaries reported in the area.

HiRise camera taking Mars photo requests

Smile for JPL's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! The HiRISE camera is taking requests with an online wishlist of what earthlings want to see on Mars.

Hypersonic hope for Mach 6 plummets into the Pacific

At six times speed of splash, an unmanned, experimental hypersonic plane failed to fly after being dropped by a B-52 bomber Tuesday off the coast near Point Mugu.

Video: PBS presents Julia Child's 'Remixed' roasted potatoes

In celebration of Julia Child's 100th birthday, PBS Digital Studios has served up a fresh cut of autotune from the 'Icons Remixed' series.

The ultimate 'Back to School' survival guide

August 14 is back to school for LAUSD, and KPCC is here to help jumpstart the season with specialized suggestions from every corner of the internet playground.

Loss for words: F-bomb, sexting, gastropub added to dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary honored some of our culture's finest letter arrangements with inclusion in its latest edition. We used all of them in a story.

A bite-size story about Shark Week

Shark Week is here. Discovery Channel's answer to the Olympics has been drawing water for 25 years, offering the sofa species a chance to stare down a predator.

Michelle Obama finds campaign money in Gwen Stefani's banana stand

At the house that No Doubt built, front femme Gwen Stefani hosted a fundraiser Sunday featuring Michelle Obama -- the first of the first lady's three stops in LA.