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Associate Editor, LAist

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Lisa Brenner is the associate editor for LAist at KPCC.

Lisa joined KPCC in December 2011. Prior to that she led content direction as co-editor of LAist, many moons before KPCC bought it.

Lisa has written and produced arts, culture and news content for print and online publications, including MTV, Glamour and, where she previously served as Music Editor and Managing Editor of the entertainment and lifestyle website.

She worked on the 20th Century Fox studio lot in creative licensing for Fox Music publishing, where she co-created the department's first online store and mined the musical catalogue of film scores, TV themes and soundtracks. Prior to Fox, she coordinated large-scale film, commercial and music video productions.

Lisa earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and television. Her dad says she majored in watching TV. He's not wrong.

Stories by Lisa Brenner

Exhibition on Expo: 176 pieces of public art debut this weekend

Artwork on the platform shows riders that "care went into their station, and that care goes into their journey," says Jorge Pardo with Metro Creative Services.

33 caged dogs rescued from filthy SoCal puppy mill barn

Officials rescued more than 30 caged dogs of different breeds, some pregnant, from a SoCal puppy mill operating out of filthy, dark, unventilated barn.

Trayvon Martin's parents, Magic Johnson, Rev. Al Sharpton to attend LA rally

On the two month anniversary of his death, a demonstration in support of Trayvon Martin is planned for Thursday in South L.A.

End of the line for LA subway honor system?

Rogue rail-riders may be forced to pay after more than two decades of what has essentially been an "honor system" for regional train travel.

Cage-free advocates have it their way at Burger King

The fast food chain has reiterated a 2007 pledge to buy all its eggs and pork from cage-free suppliers, completing the transition by 2017.

Dapper Day: Sunday's railway rendezvous for the festooned city buff

A flash mob for the flashy, this romantic railway rendezvous elevates the roaming riffraff of a themed mob into a well-dressed horde of history buffs.

TSA agents accused of passing drugs through LAX checkpoints

Souvenir snow globes will cause tsuris for the TSA, but mass quantities of cocaine have been blowing through LAX checkpoints without as much as a sneeze.

Jane Goodall named Grand Marshal of 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade

Jane Goodall, the renowned anthropologist, researcher, author, and world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, was named Grand Marshal of the 2013 Rose Parade.

Major pain at the assessor's office

Warrants were served at the home of L.A. county assessor John Noguez as part of an investigation into property tax reductions and campaign contributions.

Arms deal: Lakers' Metta World Peace suspended seven games for elbow swing

Lakers forward Metta World Peace has been suspended for seven games, the NBA announced Tuesday. It is his 10th league suspension since 2003.

Mad cow disease confirmed in California

A California dairy cow has been confirmed with a new case of mad cow disease, it was announced Tuesday. Officials say U.S. meat and dairy supplies are safe.

The cash-flying, dog-biting, van-jumping, bank-robbing police chase you might have missed

A wild goose chase ended with a dog bite after a robbery suspect led police on pursuit through a Los Angeles suburb on Monday.

Ponzi scheme to sell milk to Disneyland lands two in jail

Two women are charged with scamming seven people out of nearly $600,000 with a bogus plan to sell milk to Disneyland.

Simi Valley City Council passes porn condom law

Simi Valley has passed a new law aimed at keeping film production of the pornographic kind out of their community.

Frappucinos of the Caribbean: Starbucks and Disney partner up

The happiest half-caff-no-foam-single-pump-vanilla-soy-latte on Earth is a mouse ear away. Starbucks and Disney announced a new partnership on Monday.