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Early Childhood Education Reporter

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Mariana Dale covers early childhood education for KPCC. She'd previously reported for KJZZ, the public radio station in Phoenix since 2016, where she most recently focused on education.

While at KJZZ, Mariana helped found the engagement reporting project, Q&AZ which led her to answer questions about everything from the history of Japanese internment to saguaro cacti.

Mariana has a strong belief in the power of engaged journalism.

“Connecting with the community at every step makes for better journalism," she said. "I’m excited about the opportunity to focus my attention on a beat that has the potential to improve the lives of Southern California families and caregivers.”

Mariana was born and raised in Arizona and has worked at papers and radio stations in Tucson and Phoenix. She’s also a member of the Next Generation Radio family, and loves “talking about media with the youths!”

Stories by Mariana Dale

How The Pandemic Is Disproportionately Impacting Working Moms

Increasingly, research shows the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately impacting working moms like Ballesteros. A working paper from the University of Southern California found moms were more likely to be the caregivers for kids in two-parent households, and to reduce their working hours and feel more anxious and depressed than men and women without children.

With Day Cares Shut And School Online, LA's Working Moms Are Carrying The Child Care Load

“This COVID-19 crisis has the capacity to really represent a step back in terms of gender equality because we see moms are carrying more of the load than dads,” says University of Arkansas economist Gema Zamarro.

Santa Monica-Malibu School District Lays Off Dozens After Sharp Drop In Early Education Enrollment

After the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District switched to distance learning, enrollment in early childhood programs plummeted, disrupting the careful balance of private and public funding.

Take Two: Parenting Unfiltered, SoCal Parents Show What It's Like To Raise A Family Right Now

Early childhood engagement producer Stefanie Ritoper and reporter Mariana Dale discuss KPCC/LAist's Parenting, Unfiltered project on Take Two.

Parenting, Unfiltered

Last fall, we gave cameras to 12 Southern California parents of young children and invited them to document their lives. Since then, A LOT of things have changed.

One Teacher, Four Wheels, Hundreds Of Books: A Look At South LA's Bookmobile

What started as an effort to deliver books to Claudia Cataldos’ students in South and South Central L.A. has evolved into a community distribution for people of all ages.

A Child Care Center Followed The COVID Safety Guidelines. It Still Had An Outbreak

There are relatively few cases of the coronavirus linked to L.A. child care centers, but the data is inconsistent and there’s been at least one outbreak at a center here that says it followed safety guidelines.

California Child Care Providers Unionize: 'It's Time To Demand What We Deserve'

About 43,000 child care providers were eligible to vote in the mail-in election between June 22 and July 22– 97% of the 9,340 returned ballots favored representation.

The Pandemic Takes A Financial and Mental Toll On Child Care Providers

More than three-quarters of respondents to a UC Berkeley survey said with fewer children enrolled, they’re losing money.

For California Child Care Workers, Inequality Is Baked Into The System

California child care providers could be on the verge of getting help in their fight for higher wages. This week, balloting is wrapping up in a month-long vote to unionize child care workers.

LA County Guidelines For Reopening Head Start: Fewer, Smaller Classes

L.A. County’s Office Of Education oversees Head Start for 11,000 kids, closed its centers in March, and since then has been providing some virtual instruction.

LA Diary: The Pandemic Shipwrecked Their Pirate Party, So Mom Planned A Parade

The consensus: Best birthday party ever!

'We Do Need This Change': Child Care Union Election Underway

After more than a decade of fighting for the right to bargain for better pay, California child care providers will vote on unionizing.

'It Was A Relief': DACA Students Find Hope In Supreme Court Ruling

DACA could still be challenged. But for now, college students can focus on their studies.

Most 'Pop-Up' Child Care Centers Were Already Watching Kids Before The Pandemic

California’s budget revision summary in May said, “to date, there are close to 500 temporary pop-up child care programs throughout California.” But as it turns out, few businesses took advantage of the program.