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Early Childhood Education Reporter

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Mariana Dale covers early childhood education for KPCC. She'd previously reported for KJZZ, the public radio station in Phoenix since 2016, where she most recently focused on education.

While at KJZZ, Mariana helped found the engagement reporting project, Q&AZ which led her to answer questions about everything from the history of Japanese internment to saguaro cacti.

Mariana has a strong belief in the power of engaged journalism.

“Connecting with the community at every step makes for better journalism," she said. "I’m excited about the opportunity to focus my attention on a beat that has the potential to improve the lives of Southern California families and caregivers.”

Mariana was born and raised in Arizona and has worked at papers and radio stations in Tucson and Phoenix. She’s also a member of the Next Generation Radio family, and loves “talking about media with the youths!”

Stories by Mariana Dale

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California Launches Statewide Child Care Website

California parents looking for child care can now try their luck on a new website,

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