Mary Knauf

Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk

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Mary Knauf is an Apprentice News Clerk for AirTalk.

Before working at KPCC, Mary worked in marketing and public relations for interior designers, while also freelancing as a marketing copywriter.

After graduating Loyola Marymount University in 2013 with a degree in psychology, she lived and worked in Germany for a year where she had time to write and explore.

She is an avid public radio listener and is especially excited to be a member of the AirTalk team.

Stories by Mary Knauf

No, you don't need a ‘gay best friend.’ And yes, asking for one is offensive.

When freelance writer Philip Ellis was young, it wasn't uncommon for people who found out he was gay to ask "Oh my god! Will you be my gay best friend?"

New birth control app paves the way for a burgeoning market, but what are the regulations? And where does all that data go?

In a historical move, the FDA approved its first birth control app as a contraceptive; but doctors and privacy experts are still skeptical.

A mission to Mars may drive us crazy – but if we can’t terraform it then does it even matter?

It’s hard to describe the overwhelming power of space better than when Carl Sagan did for Time magazine: “There is perhaps no better a demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.”

Forgotten...again: Middle children are on the decline and, as usual, nobody’s noticed

Were you that kid who was somehow missing from all the family Christmas photos? Did you exact peacemaker moves on your older and younger siblings that would put a diplomat to shame? What about winning first place at a spelling bee none of your family attended?

Progressive or revisionist? Laura Ingalls Wilder Award’s name changed after debate over racist content

“Little House on the Prairie” is often associated with log cabins and family hardships, but a recent move by the Association for Library Service to Children has brought a new theme to the fore: racism.

DIY Biohackers aim to democratize science – but what are the risks?

Search “biohacker” into YouTube and you’ll find women and men injecting themselves with homemade vaccinations, steroids and even (unsuccessfully) superhuman powers.

World Health Organization classifies ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health disorder

Playing hours of video games has now been deemed pathological, at least by the World Health Organization.

The myth of the midlife crisis: What middle age looks like in real life

Graying adults driving red Corvettes were just a glimmer in Elliott Jaques’ eye when he first coined the term “midlife crisis” at a psychiatric conference in 1957.

‘O Captain! My Captain!’: the legendary life and career of Robin Williams

Goof-headed genie with an affinity for music. Fast-talking alien looking for love. Melancholic psychiatrist doing his best. Robin Williams’ range as an actor is its own ecosystem – a career filled with unique, interconnected roles from which life seems to spontaneously spring.

Leaked resignation letter from Academy board member cites failures on multiple fronts

When ex-Academy board member Bill Mechanic finally decided to leave his post, it’s safe to say that his exit interview – if he had one – would have been less than flattering.

How a true crime novel became the star witness in the Golden State Killer case

Due to how far widespread the killer's alleged crimes were, determining where exactly to hold the suspect's trial is proving complicated.

Facebook’s data scandal has Google flying under the radar, but for how long?

When news of the Cambridge Analytica data breach broke in late March, Mark Zuckerberg might as well have been the Big Bad Wolf of online privacy concerns, but one month after the fact and Google’s teeth have begun to appear just as sharp.

Some people have no regrets in life, others aren’t so lucky: When a ‘good’ idea turns into a bad tattoo

Grammatical errors, misshapen objects, foreign symbols with dubious meanings – a lot can go wrong with even the most planned out tattoo, but on the bright side it makes for a good AirTalk story.

Power in numbers? Or confidential black hole? A new website that connects sexual assault victims in the workplace

Now that Callisto, an online startup aimed at combating sexual harassment and assault by connecting victims who share the same perpetrator, has seen success with their university partnerships, they’re looking to expand into the workplace.

A history of the rise of the black middle class in LA and nationwide, and what the future may hold

Financially, middle class African-Americans are better off than they have been in decades past.