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Senior Politics Reporter

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Mary Plummer is a Senior Politics Reporter for KPCC. Prior to that, she was a reporter on KPCC's education team, and an associate producer for the radio station.

Mary began her career in broadcast at ABC News in London, where she worked on TV stories for the network’s news lineup and regularly covered Europe for

Mary holds a master's degree with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, where she won the Richard T. Baker Award for multimedia reporting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University in Orange County, California. In 2017, she was a winner of the Associated Press Television and Radio Association’s top award for Best Investigative Reporting. Her work has been published by the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, PBS/THIRTEEN and the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Mary grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Pastor Rick Warren returns to Saddleback for sermon (updated)

Sixteen weeks after his son committed suicide, Pastor Rick Warren returned to the stage at Saddleback Church to deliver an emotional, 70-minute sermon.

No arts at your school? There's a law for that

Arts educator Carl Schafer was shocked to find a few lines in the California education code requiring arts to be taught to all California students. Unfortunately it has no teeth.

Shepard Fairey's latest project: publicize arts education

The L.A. Fund launched another series of ads to promote arts education in public schools. Shepard Fairey is the third high-profile artist to participate.

Schoolwork on set: meet studio teacher Linda Stone

In her 36 years working as a studio teacher, Linda Stone has worked with everyone from Miley Cyrus to "Family Matters" star Kellie Williams.

Early lesson plan? LA street art glossary and guides

What's the difference between a tag and a roller? New online guide to street art sorts out graffiti lingo. And local guides lead you to key art. Field trip, anyone?

Website reviews educational apps — with teachers in mind

A new website offers independent reviews of apps. It's aimed at teachers looking to bring digital tools into their classrooms.

Sneak Peek: LA Unified's new arts education plan

To fulfill its promise to make arts education a core subject, L.A. Unified teachers will incorporate the arts into other subjects.

Free art classes get a boost from Laguna Beach auction

A Laguna Beach gallery partners with the non-profit Ryman Arts to help raise money for weekend art classes in Fullerton.

UC Davis wins grant to redesign core STEM courses

Grant supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics will help the university improve core courses for those majors

Tablets in the classroom bring cutting-edge problems, too

A wireless network administrator points says introducing iPads into classrooms can introduce unintended problems, turns teachers into tech support

Short on time? New arts education conference available online

Brush up on teaching tricks from the comfort of your own home. A former art teacher launches a new way to connect with other art teachers.

New online tool helps students see potential salaries

Prospective students can now check median wages before picking a college and a degree program. The tool is simple to use and offers a wealth of helpful data.

OC arts high school connects students to Hollywood

The Orange County School of the Arts put on its second-ever showcase this year. The event brought the school's top acting students to L.A. to perform for agents.

Report: Arts benefits students, but limited boost to academics

A new report out of Paris took an in-depth analysis of current research on arts education. Learning music can boost students' IQ scores, but no evidence theater and dance help.

Longer school day may be the key to arts education

A new report finds a longer school day can help student academics by way of arts education. Five schools were used as case studies.