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Politics Correspondent

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Democracy can be messy. In Southern California, the political system is changing in front of us, from how we vote to who is running for office. Many voices are shouting to be heard. I examine who gets listened to, and why, and provide a guide to anyone who wants to more fully participate in civic life.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Tax prep help is available in LA for those who need it

Time to gather up your tax papers: this year's April 17 filing deadline is just around the corner. We have tips if you need assistance.

Skipping jury duty can mean hefty fines in LA

Fewer people have been responding to their summons in recent years. Some say a lower participation rate leads to less diverse jury pools and bias in the courtroom.

Protesters gather to welcome Trump to Los Angeles

This is Trump's first visit to the state as president. It comes as the Trump administration battles California over its refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Trump coming to LA, though even police lack travel details

Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at LAX at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday. But specific travel details had not been shared with LAPD as of Monday afternoon.

Trump is coming to town; here's what to watch for

President Trump will make the first visit of his presidency to California next week with planned stops in San Diego and Los Angeles.

New California law to make voting sign-up easier for teens

Eligible teenagers will be automatically pre-registered to vote at the DMV when they get a license or state ID starting in April.

Trump to visit California for first time since becoming president

Trump will visit Southern California in mid-March. His plans include a visit to see prototypes of the proposed border wall that he has championed since his presidential campaign.

After #MeToo, no longer business as usual for California Democrats

California Democrats wrapped up their three-day state convention in San Diego with the issue of sexual harassment casting a wide shadow over the event.

California Democrats won't endorse candidates for governor, US Senate

A deeply divided state Democratic Party couldn't agree on who to support in these major races — which are just around the corner for voters.

Sexual harassment a persistent, costly problem for City of Los Angeles

The city has paid out millions since 2011 for settlements or judgments involving allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Why LA city sexual harassment claims have gone way up

Until recently, the city of LA's Personnel Department had received just 35 reports of harassment in a five-year stretch. Recently, reports have drastically increased.

Rendon recall effort stumbles as opponents turn to his reelection

State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon's opponents have essentially given up their effort to recall him after failing to turn in any signatures for a recall election.

Villaraigosa narrows in on Newsom in new poll

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are now nearly tied in the race for governor, according to a new survey of likely voters.

Gubernatorial candidates appeal to Latino voters

Six of the major candidates running to succeed California Gov. Jerry Brown made their case to a largely Democratic audience at a forum broadcast on Univision.

California governor's forum gets contentious

The six candidates came out swinging at their first town hall. They weren't the only ones. A vocal crowd cheered and booed.