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It’s not just you. Southern California’s sky-high housing costs are changing how we live and who can afford to keep a roof over their head. I want to help you understand the factors that got us here, and what it means for what happens next.

My 2019 focuses:

Managing Homelessness: Southern California municipal and county governments spend a massive amount of money mitigating the crisis of homelessness. Though voters have approved multiple ballot measures aimed at raising money for homeless services and housing, the amount raised by those measures is tiny compared to the public cost incurred through things like police and paramedic response hours, the justice system, health and housing services, sanitation, and emergency room hours. The number housing units being built is dwarfed by the number of people who need help. And more people are falling into homelessness than ever before. How are we going to solve what has mushroomed into a massive humanitarian crisis?

Deep Housing Insecurity: In Los Angeles and Orange County, approximately a quarter of all households fork over more than half of their income for a place to call home. In Los Angeles County, the poorest 600,000 residents scrape by in living situations where 90 percent of all income goes to housing. The result is tens thousands of people living homeless on the street, and hundreds of thousands worried about ending up there. How did this happen, and how are we going to fix it?

Latency of residential segregation in LA and gentrification: Southern California has a troubling history of racialized housing discrimination. Though we’ve moved past the days when cities would literally ban people of certain races from buying property or entering city limits, the legacy of those highly restrictive policies are still with us. They continue driving inequality in education, employment and everything in between.

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