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Matt Tinoco covers housing and homelessness. He grew up in a house in North Hollywood, lives in an apartment in Hollywood, and sometimes visits East Hollywood and West Hollywood to admire their mixed urban forms. He worked as a freelance reporter before joining KPCC, broadly covering Southern California for outlets like Curbed Los Angeles, the LA Review of Books, Politico Magazine, Mother Jones, CityLab, Capital & Main and many others.
Stories by Matt Tinoco

Meet the Angelenos who aren't waiting for the government to help the homelessness

A new generation of homeless advocates argues that, despite billions of dollars earmarked to address homelessness, state and local governments are not moving fast enough.

Angelenos Aren't Waiting For The Government To Address Homelessness

They've gotten to know their homeless neighbors, and they're pushing for the government to move faster and reconsider how it's addressing a humanitarian crisis.

LA's chief accountant wants to know why anti-homelessness money isn't being spent

"Unfortunately, the city is falling very short. Not that anybody expected that these units would be built overnight. But it has been more than two years and we have delivered zero of those units."

To Count All The Homeless People In LA, You Need To Ask Homeless People For Help

Organizers of the massive Los Angeles Homeless Count have some expert helpers — people who are homeless, or who used to be. KPCC’s housing reporter Matt Tinoco has the story.

This Is How Homeless Outreach Happens

Every day, hundreds of people in Los Angeles work with homeless residents to enroll in programs and services already available for help.

You don't have to build homes or run the government to help homeless people. Start by doing this

We talked to the people working most closely on this issue, and here's what they recommend to Southern Californians who want to spend some time reaching out.

Residents Stay Behind To Defend Homes From Wildfire

Disobeying an order to evacuate is never a good idea. But that's exactly what some Malibu residents did.

Griffith Park Fire Briefly Threatens LA Zoo

Authorities evacuated some animals, but calm winds meant the fire was never a serious threat.

Who Should Hold The Power: Landlords Or Tenants?

When Californians vote on Proposition 10, they'll be choosing the winner of a more than $100 million dollar spending war over rent regulations.

LA's Past Versus LA's Future — It's All Bearing Out In Silver Lake

Is preserving an 80-year-old gas station more important than building new apartments?

AirTalk debates 2018 ballot initiatives: Prop 10, the so-called ‘Affordable Housing Act’

One of the most talked about and contested propositions on California's November ballot is Proposition 10, the so-called "Affordable Housing Act."

Will LA Fight Or Settle A Lawsuit By Homeless Residents?

They claim the city violated their constitutional rights by seizing their belongings off the sidewalk, and destroying them.

LAUSD Opens Third Affordable Housing Building For District Employees

Los Angeles Unified School District officials cut the ribbon Wednesday on the third affordable apartment building built by the district itself.

Police Still Looking For Attackers In Homeless Beating Cases

Police are investigating whether a string of local attacks on sleeping homeless men are related. An assailant with a baseball bat beat three people downtown LA early Sunday -- killing two.

82-Year-Old Man Evicted From Burlington Rent Strike Building

Residents gathered Wednesday in front of a Westlake apartment complex planning to face off with sheriff’s deputies scheduled to evict an elderly couple. You may have heard KPCC’s story last month on a big rent strike organized by these tenants.