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It’s not just you. Southern California’s sky-high housing costs are changing how we live and who can afford to keep a roof over their head. I will help you understand the factors that got us here, what’s being done to help those struggling and new pressures around the corner.

The reality is housing is unaffordable for the majority of people who call Southern California home. Tens of thousands are falling into homelessness. Despite the presence of tremendous regional wealth, the resulting humanitarian crisis continues to worsen.

As for me, I was born and raised in Greater Los Angeles. My family moved from rental house to rental house until my grandfather passed, and we inherited his 980 square-foot house (without a mortgage) in North Hollywood. These days I live ‘over the hill,’ in a rent stabilized apartment.

Before I began work for KPCC, I worked as a freelance journalist in Los Angeles, fact-checked for Mother Jones Magazine in San Francisco, and was previously employed by

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Stories by Matt Tinoco

LAUSD Opens Third Affordable Housing Building For District Employees

Los Angeles Unified School District officials cut the ribbon Wednesday on the third affordable apartment building built by the district itself.

Police Still Looking For Attackers In Homeless Beating Cases

Police are investigating whether a string of local attacks on sleeping homeless men are related. An assailant with a baseball bat beat three people downtown LA early Sunday -- killing two.

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Residents gathered Wednesday in front of a Westlake apartment complex planning to face off with sheriff’s deputies scheduled to evict an elderly couple. You may have heard KPCC’s story last month on a big rent strike organized by these tenants.

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About a hundred chanting people, mostly Latinas, marched into a South Los Angeles McDonalds on Tuesday afternoon. They were protesting alleged pervasive workplace sexual harassment, and urging the fast-food corporation to take a stand against it

LA County Wants To Stabilize Rent For 200,000 People

L.A. County Supervisors are weighing whether or not to limit rent increases to 3 percent annually in the unincorporated parts of the county.

LA's First Emergency Homeless Shelter Under Mayor's Bridge Housing Initiative Opens Sept. 10

LA will open the first of at least a dozen proposed “emergency bridge housing” homeless shelters on Sept 10. They’re supposed smooth homeless people’s transition from the street to permanent housing.

LA Delays Preservation Hearing For Silver Lake Gas Station

A gas station built in 1941 is at the center of a skirmish in Silver Lake. The owner wants to knock it down and build some apartments, but neighbors say not so fast

Chinatown Seniors Stave Off Rent Hike—For Now

Rent in a low-income building in Chinatown threatened to increase beyond the ability of residents to pay.

Rent Strikes Are Making A Comeback In L.A.

About 100 years ago, in cities with an affordable housing shortage, tenants went on strike—withholding rent from their landlord to protest poor conditions. As the cost of housing spirals up, rent strikes are making a comeback.