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Commuting and Mobility Reporter

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Meghan McCarty Carino covers commuting and mobility issues for KPCC. Got a gripe about gridlock or public transit? She’d love to hear from you.

She gets to work in a car - for now – but occasionally jumps on the Metro and walks as often as she can. She's looking for advice to become a more intrepid biker.

Meghan has been with KPCC since 2010, when she was hired as an Associate Producer for The Madeleine Brand Show, where she created her signature Weekend Alibi datebook feature. She went on to report, produce and edit for Take Two Show, KPCC's award-winning morning newsmagazine.

Meghan has contributed to public media outlets up and down California, from KQED in San Francisco and KVIE in Sacramento to KCET TV in L.A. She has reported abroad from South Africa, Germany, India, Israel and the West Bank.

Meghan got her Masters from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and her B.A. in English from UCLA, but she is not torn when it comes to rooting for sports teams (it would be impolitic to reveal her allegiance).

Meghan would love to hear from you. Send her story ideas, grumbles and comments at memccarty [at]

Stories by Meghan McCarty Carino

LA could join scooter ban wagon while city sorts out rules

Some city officials want to put the brakes on e-scooters, but others say it's unnecessary to ban the Birds when regulations are already in the works.

Metro studying options to extend Crenshaw Line north

West Hollywood officials have pushed for years to get rail into their city, and they're getting creative with funding options to speed up the project.

Beverly Hills bans Bird scooters for six months

After complaints they have become a nuisance, Beverly Hills will crack down on those who ride the dockless devices or leave them in the city.

LA Explained: Nothing can fix our infamous traffic, so deal with it

Not new trains. Not freeways. Not flying cars. Not Elon Musk. It's unfixable.

New Figueroa bike lane full of taxis, cars for sale

Los Angeles officials are educating the public and cracking down on cars in the brand new bike lane in front of Staples Center and the L.A. convention center.

High home prices and congestion shrink the California dream

In the 1950s the planned suburb of Lakewood afforded the good life to everyday Californians. But for residents today, smaller promises come at a much higher cost.

The infamous Sepulveda Pass could get a rail line

The improvement is the latest in a long line of attempts to ease movement through the notorious choke point.

Immigration officials will use 1,600 federal prison beds to hold immigration detainees

U.S. immigration officials will start using 1,600 federal prison beds to detain immigrants, the majority of them at a facility in Lancaster. The move, first reported by Reuters, marks the first wide-scale use of federal prisons to hold immigration detainees.

How does recall of Democrat over gas tax bode for repeal?

Republican-backers of the recall of an OC state senator counted on anger over the gas tax to drive votes, but will the same strategy work statewide?

Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman recalled by voters

A recall of state Sen. Josh Newman appears possible after preliminary results in Tuesday's primary election signal strong support for his ouster.

New report breaks down poverty in California by neighborhood

A new report from charitable organization United Ways of California shows poverty in the state is more widespread than federal estimates.

Dog eat your ballot? Share your #VotingConfession

Even Al Gordon, the intrepid first-time voter from our "Make Al Care" series, admits his commitment is waning. Why is voting hard for you?

In the face of efforts to repeal California's gas tax, Gov. Brown leads the pushback

As a GOP-based effort to repeal hikes in gas and diesel taxes and vehicle fees gains ground, Gov. Jerry Brown and other officials launch a defense of the increases.

One of 3 planned bridges over LA River breaks ground

The multimodal bridge connecting Atwater Village with Griffith Park will take until late 2019 to construct at a cost of $16 million.

New Metrolink station opening near Burbank airport

A stop on the Antelope Valley Line eases the way for travelers, although the train runs infrequently and costs more than Metro rail or bus.