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Meghan McCarty Carino covers commuting and mobility issues for KPCC. Got a gripe about gridlock or public transit? She’d love to hear from you.

She gets to work in a car - for now – but occasionally jumps on the Metro and walks as often as she can. She's looking for advice to become a more intrepid biker.

Meghan has been with KPCC since 2010, when she was hired as an Associate Producer for The Madeleine Brand Show, where she created her signature Weekend Alibi datebook feature. She went on to report, produce and edit for Take Two Show, KPCC's award-winning morning newsmagazine.

Meghan has contributed to public media outlets up and down California, from KQED in San Francisco and KVIE in Sacramento to KCET TV in L.A. She has reported abroad from South Africa, Germany, India, Israel and the West Bank.

Meghan got her Masters from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and her B.A. in English from UCLA, but she is not torn when it comes to rooting for sports teams (it would be impolitic to reveal her allegiance).

Meghan would love to hear from you. Send her story ideas, grumbles and comments at memccarty [at]

Stories by Meghan McCarty Carino

LA Rams' first season was at least a win for public transit

About one-quarter of Rams fans got to the Coliseum by bus or train this season - as many as 20,000 for some games. That exceeded Metro's projections.

Santa Monica's new bike counter displays cycling traffic

The beach city joins the ranks of bike-friendly hubs like Copenhagen and Portland in measuring bike traffic as planners seek to reduce car traffic.

Electric car-sharing zooms into low-income LA neighborhoods

Areas like Westlake and MacArthur Park will get up to 100 electric cars as part of an effort to reduce pollution and increase mobility in low-income communities.

LA Metro needs ideas on where to put new bike-share portals

The short-term bike rental systems will expand to Pasadena and Venice next summer. So where would you like to see the bikes stationed?

Caltrans program tracks drivers, offers insights, raises privacy issues

A Caltrans test that could change how drivers pay for street repairs collects data on how participants drive using a device plugged into a car's computer.

LA acts to improve the traffic mess around Sunset and the 405

Lane re-striping and signal coordination could improve the flow of cars onto the 405 in Brentwood. But some residents complain the fixes are just for show.

Police boost security after bomb threat to LA Metro

L.A. police and sheriff's deputies are beefing up security at the city's Metro stations after receiving information about a bomb threat to the Universal City station.

Pasadena aims to improve Rose Bowl area traffic

A grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will allow upgrades at intersections that feed into the Rose Bowl area, which gets congested during events.

Metro mulls new policing amid low, but serious crime record

After criticism of the L.A. transit agency's policing, Metro will resume discussion in February on contracts with Los Angeles and Long Beach police as well as with sheriff's deputies.

Metro may drop fines for young fare evaders

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas points to statistics showing black and Latino youth are disproportionately ticketed, which can cause financial hardship and missed classes.

Report shows drop in LA cycling as bike lane expansion slows

Bikes seem to be more visible than ever in L.A., with bike sharing and events like Ciclavia. But a new report shows a drop in people cycling after years of growth.

Metro considers paid parking at more transit stops

Officials see charging a market rate for parking as a way to lower the demand so that it is easier for most people to find a spot.

Measure M projects depend on federal dollars, so what's next?

President-elect Donald Trump wants to build up the country's infrastructure, but the proposal doesn't favor transit and Republicans' aren't predisposed to it.

LA says 'yes' to tax increase for transportation

Los Angeles County voters weighed in Tuesday on a proposal to raise the sales tax to fund billions of dollars in transportation projects.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about Measure M

The Los Angeles County sales tax increase would fund billions of dollars in transportation projects, but it faces a high hurdle at the polls.