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Commuting and Mobility Reporter

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Meghan McCarty Carino covers commuting and mobility issues for KPCC. Got a gripe about gridlock or public transit? She’d love to hear from you.

She gets to work in a car - for now – but occasionally jumps on the Metro and walks as often as she can. She's looking for advice to become a more intrepid biker.

Meghan has been with KPCC since 2010, when she was hired as an Associate Producer for The Madeleine Brand Show, where she created her signature Weekend Alibi datebook feature. She went on to report, produce and edit for Take Two Show, KPCC's award-winning morning newsmagazine.

Meghan has contributed to public media outlets up and down California, from KQED in San Francisco and KVIE in Sacramento to KCET TV in L.A. She has reported abroad from South Africa, Germany, India, Israel and the West Bank.

Meghan got her Masters from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and her B.A. in English from UCLA, but she is not torn when it comes to rooting for sports teams (it would be impolitic to reveal her allegiance).

Meghan would love to hear from you. Send her story ideas, grumbles and comments at memccarty [at]

Stories by Meghan McCarty Carino

LA County proposes $67M more from gas tax for road repairs

Los Angeles County unveiled a $31 billion budget plan, which includes a big boost for road repairs, among other spending. Review of the proposal will take months.

Figueroa, finally. Here's what 10 years and $20 million can do for 4 miles of street.

After a decade of planning and setbacks, the downtown L.A. thoroughfare will have its big reveal — with better access for walkers, bicyclists and transit riders.

California driver's licenses for unauthorized exceed 1 million mark

An estimated 2 million to 3 million unauthorized immigrants live in California. About a third of them have taken advantage of the state's 3-year-old license law.

How California car culture killed the 20-minute commute

California went big on freeways during the postwar years, but the days of easy driving and the lifestyle it enabled didn't last long.

1 year in, here's how LA Metro's homeless program is doing

Buses, trains and their platforms are often a shelter of last resort for the homeless. A Metro pilot aims to connect those people with services and housing.

Reports of sexual harassment on LA transit increase

A Metro customer survey shows slightly more people experiencing sexual harassment over last year, despite an increase in police presence.

Work on Wilshire subway continues amid funding doubts

Metro broke ground on the second section of the Purple Line to Beverly Hills, but federal funds for the final stretch to Westwood are up in the air.

LAX moves forward with private partner to build tram line

The people mover will connect the terminals with parking, car rentals and the new Crenshaw Light Rail line, providing a rail connection to LAX at long last.

Plan to widen south end of 710 freeway riles communities

A CalTrans project funded by L.A. Metro would displace more than 400 residents, businesses, and a homeless shelter, drawing criticism from affected neighborhoods.

More police on Metro bring more crime reports

Six months after L.A. Metro changed its approach to policing buses and trains, has crime gone down? Statistics show mixed results.

Whistleblower protection bill likely resurrected by #MeToo movement

Assemblywoman Melendez's bill to shield whistleblowers in the legislature was shelved in the Senate four times. On Thursday, lawmakers passed it unanimously.

Rising car ownership may be cause for fewer transit riders

A UCLA study suggests people in groups that traditionally use mass transit are buying more cars, which may be causing the decline in train and bus ridership.

LA traffic fatalities decline, but still land short of goal

The city's Vision Zero program aimed to reduce traffic fatalities in the city last year. Deaths did decline, but not as much as targeted.

Metro officials react to video of woman dragged from subway

Members of the board voiced frustration over how the encounter had escalated and the criticisms it brought on Metro, but their reactions varied.

Should the LAPD enforce Metro's conduct code?

Video of a police officer on a Metro train forcibly removing a young woman — who was later arrested — has stirred controversy about the LAPD's role on public transit.