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Michelle Faust is a health care reporter at KPCC with a focus on health policy.

Faust’s first foray into health policy reporting was for WXXI Public Broadcasting in Rochester, New York. In 2014, she was one of few public media reporters covering New York State’s first open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act.

Since she began in broadcast journalism, Faust has hosted Morning Edition for KAWC in Yuma, Arizona, reported for the public health news collaborative Side Effects Public Media, and covered education policy for StateImpact Ohio at Ideastream in Cleveland.

Faust is a multimedia journalist who has written for print, web, radio, and television. Her reporting has been on NPR national newscasts, Tell Me More with Michel Martin, NPR’s flagship news magazines Morning Edition and Here & Now. Faust’s stories have been recognized by the New York State Associated Press Association and won regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for innovation and breaking news.

Dedicated to developing the profession, Faust is lifetime member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, volunteers with other local journalism organizations, and has mentored for the Next Generation Radio public radio journalist training project.

A lover of languages, Faust was a full-time Spanish professor in a previous career.

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Stories by Michelle Faust

Hospitals scramble to deal with a shortage of saline drip bags

Hurricane Maria disrupted the operations of a leading manufacturer of saline IV bags — leading to a shortage that has affected California.

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It's time to sign up for health care coverage in 2018. Open enrollment for Covered California starts today. This comes after months of efforts by the GOP and President Trump to repeal, or at least weaken, Obamacare.

Acute confusion as Covered California begins open enrollment

After months of efforts by the GOP and President Trump to repeal or at least weaken Obamacare, you probably have a lot of questions about open enrollment.

Is SoCal's diversity one reason the opioid epidemic isn't as bad here?

A public health official cites research showing Asians and Latinos are less likely to turn to pills for pain relief.

Special Assembly committee begins hearings on health insurance

The select committeeheld the first in a series of hearings Monday on California’s health system. Lawmakers will hear proposed fixes in coming weeks.

California feels protected against Trump pulling health subsidies

Covered California's move to raise premiums on its silver plans was designed to insulate consumers from the effects of Trump's move. Experts think it should work.

Here’s how Trump’s health care order affects California

The executive order on health care President Donald Trump signed Thursday seeks to do away with many requirements under Obamacare. California officials vow to fight.

California blames Trump for health care price hike

Covered California's most popular plans will have an added 12.4 percent surcharge in 2018. Officials say the increase covers Trump administration's inaction on subsidies.

Drug companies will now have to justify price hikes

Governor Brown signed groundbreaking drug transparency legislation in a press conference Monday. SB 17 requires drug makers to justify price hikes.

LA County looks deeper as WHO raises the alarm on superbugs

The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm about antibiotic-resistant infections. California is taking steps to prevent their spread.

With missed deadlines, billions at stake for CA low-income health programs

Congress missed a September 30 deadline to fund two key programs in California. The state is waiting to learn the fate of billions of dollars in federal support.

California health clinics risk losing hundreds of millions if Congress doesn’t act

Clinics are waiting to see if Congress will renew their funding by the Saturday deadline. More than $600 million are at stake in California.

Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal would hit California hard

California could lose tens of billions of dollars each year under the latest Obamacare repeal effort. Analysts say that would mean big cuts to state health programs.

Major drug transparency bill moves to governor's desk

It would require drug makers to report and justify some price increases. Economists are divided over whether the bill would shame drug firms into holding prices down.

What are California's options to get universal health care?

Advocates want state lawmakers to adopt a single-payer health care system. But that's not the only way to reach universal coverage. Here are the primary models.