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Los Angeles is the home of arts and entertainment. My job is to help you figure out what is worth your time, and introduce you to other talented Angelenos who make it happen. This is a space for the creative work you care about — or don’t know about yet.

Stories by Mike Roe

Youth In Revolt

I saw Youth In Revolt at the cheap theater last night. It's not a great film, but it's still an interesting one.

Philippe's reopens after being closed for cockroach infestation

Philippe the Original restaurant, known for their French dip sandwiches, was shut down by county health inspectors earlier this week because of a cockroach infestation, but the restaurant was reopened today.

Former Tustin Hospital CFO agrees to plead guilty in Skid Row health care fraud

Former chief financial officer of Tustin Hospital and Medical Center Vincent Rubio agreed in a plea agreement filed earlier this week to plead guilty to paying illegal kickbacks for patients recruited from the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.

Lucha VaVoom brings wrestling and burlesque together in downtown LA

Joey Ryan stood on the outside, taking a breather in the middle of his match. Suddenly he looked up and saw a man in a giant chicken costume ready to come crashing down on him from high above.

Conan O'Brien's online ghost

NBC has started scrubbing references to Conan O'Brien from their Web sites since Conan was forced out of his Tonight Show hosting gig. The most notable one so far is probably Hulu, where if you do a search, you'll no longer find clips or episodes of his run on The Tonight Show.

Collecting should be fun

All my life, I've had collections of stuff. The most notable collection of my life has been comic books (continuing to this day; see you at Comic-Con!), but I've also enjoyed purchasing action figures, music, DVDs, and other miscellaneous.

Angeles forest roads in burn area to close due to Southland storm

Due to the forecasted weekend storm, the Los Angeles County Public Works Department closed public access to almost all County roads within the Station Fire burn area at noon today.

Republican Senate candidate Fiorina issues provocative Web attack ad

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's campaign has produced a provocative new Web attack ad aimed at Republican primary opponent Tom Campbell. The ad accuses Tom Campbell of being a "Fiscal Conservative In Name Only" and depicts Campbell as a sheep with glowing red eyes, a spin on the classic wolf in sheep's clothing analogy.

An American Question Time

People were taken aback by President Obama's question and answer session with House Republicans last Friday. It was a serious discussion of the issues facing the nation, carried live on several cable networks, which seemed to go beyond what we usually see in public politics.

Random thoughts on the Oscar nominations

• Having 10 nominees for Best Picture takes away a bit of the meaning of being a Best Picture nominee, but I like that it makes the Academy Awards more accessible to the wider movie-loving public, even if it's being done for largely commercial reasons.

Suspect in Compton shooting of high school football player to be arraigned

Arlon Watson, 21, charged with fatally shooting high school football player Dannie Farber at a Compton restaurant, is due to be arraigned tomorrow. The shooting was allegedly gang-related, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

Grammys: Still relevant?

The Grammys are an interesting creature. They get the biggest stars in the industry to perform, while giving them prizes for songs that have, by this point, largely moved from contemporary stations to adult contemporary stations.

Lars Von Trier's 'Breaking the Waves'

I'd never seen a Lars Von Trier film before, but I've always been intrigued by the reviews I've read of his films and the soliloquies to his greatness I've heard from my cineaste friends.

Random thoughts on the State of the Union

• Rock star presidents: Growing up, I always thought of the president and members of Congress as colleagues. I pictured them meeting together and calling one another on the phone. One thing that the State of the Union always seems to make clear is that this isn't necessarily the case, as you read stories about members of Congress coming early so they can get a good spot just for the opportunity to shake the president's hand and you watch Obama signing autographs for members of Congress as he leaves the chamber.

Wrapping my head around the iPad

The day has arrived, and Steve Jobs has come down from Mt. Sinai with Apple's long-rumored device, the iPad, a tablet computer. The price is cheaper than I expected (starting at $499), but especially the upper end models (up to $829) are priced significantly higher than netbooks.